Managing Your Holiday Time Away From the Office

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Working-over-the-holidaysWhether it be your in-laws annoying habits or your job, the holidays can get a bit overwhelming. According to Accountemps annual holiday productivity survey, “about one-third of senior managers (34 percent) feel that their employees are less productive before a major holiday, but this is much improved from the 44 percent of executives who said they saw pre-holiday productivity declines five years ago.”

If you are a holiday traveler, going home to spend some “quality family time” is often a comfortable stress. When booking your holiday trip earlier in the year, taking off a few work days may not have seemed like such a big deal. But as the days get shorter, work gets longer and time seems to slip away, your holiday vacation may seem more like a burden than a blessing. Below are a few tips for managing your time during the holidays.

Work on a cloud
When collaborating on a project or anything from a remote location, cloud based software is crucial. Even simple services like Google Docs permits you to edit and work on a document with others. Cloud collaboration will allow you and your employees to work in tandem rather than in succession.

Work from a “third place”
If you are working out of home this holiday season, even if just for a few days, find a “third place.” A third place is a neutral productive environment, and many remote workers find it the best place to get away from distractions. According Marco R. della Cava, USA Today, “the reality is, most businesses run on 24-hour work cycles that follow the sun around the globe. That means it’s not where you are that matters, but what you’re doing.” Common third places are Starbucks, Panera, your local library, or my personal fav- hotel lobbies.

Check your work emails, and respond!
The world doesn’t stop for your holiday season. Make sure that you are responding to your employees, customers, and colleagues. A few simple emails may be the difference between a worker, going forward on a project or waiting for the “OK.” Being in contact at all times may be the single, biggest asset as business professional.

A company that is flexible enough to allow employees to work remotely and still be productive is important. According to Cisco’s Connected World Report, “66 percent would prefer to have the option of flexible working over a higher salary.” Also it’s worth a note that,“60 percent of workers feel that they don’t need to be in the office to be productive.” There is no reason you will have to choose between being productive and enjoying the holidays this season.

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