Managing Your Name Change: 5 Challenges to Tackle

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name change challengesChanging your name seems simple enough, right? Kind of. Fleetmatics recently went through a company name change- sort of. Last summer, we decided to change the capitalization in our name from “FleetMatics” to “Fleetmatics.” Although it seems small, we still found a variety of challenges along the way, from social to legal documentation.

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Here are 5 tips for changing or updating your company’s name:

#1. Don’t Change It

Seriously. If there is any way of getting around a name change, take it. It is a long process for everyone involved. The best way to avoid all of this is to pick a great company name to begin with. However, sometimes there are circumstances that you just cannot work around and a change is absolutely necessary.

#2. Lots of Legal Paperwork

First and foremost, you need to update all legal documents with your new spelling or capitalization changes. This includes updating all of your trademark information and website addresses. Also update all of your information with vendors, banks, credit cards, service providers, etc., so they can bill or pay the correct company! See a full list of legal and regulatory steps to take when changing your company’s name.

#3. Make it Social

Facebook only allows you to change your company name once- so make it count! You may have to submit documentation proving the spelling of your company’s name. This is another reason why you need to update all of your service providers. It helps to have a phone bill with the correct spelling, for example.

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Twitter is pretty easy to update if you need to change capitalization or have a slight edit to your company name. However, if you change your company’s name and the Twitter handle is not available, you will have to submit trademark documentation to Twitter to acquire it. For your website, make sure the domain name is available.

#4. Spread the Word; Inside Out

Let employees know! Make sure that all employees know about the company update and fix their email signatures accordingly. They should be updated with the correct spelling and any updated logo that you provide. It looks unprofessional when emails are sent out with outdated information- especially when they link to your website that has a new logo and updated design.

#5. Complete the “Look”

Lastly, your website and marketing collateral needs to be updated. This is a task. The sooner this can be done the better. Depending on how long your company has existed, there is bound to be a ton of collateral from all the years.

Get ahold of everything that is used by sales and customer service, destroy outdated documents, and provide new ones. Make sure all text and logos are updated on your website. Again, it looks unprofessional if your website or marketing collateral is out of date, so you want to get these updated ASAP.

While changing your company’s name in any way may bring on a slew of problems, sometimes it is absolutely necessary. If your previous company name is splattered across the web, you will likely run into it again. You won’t be able to erase all traces of your company’s past, but you can make sure that all future mentions are updated. Hopefully you can use these tips to make the transition as painless as possible.

Bio: Regan Billie is the Social Media Coordinator for Fleetmatics. Fleetmatics provides GPS fleet management for small and medium business in the US and Canada. Follow Fleetmatics on Twitter or contact Regan at


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