Marketing Fun Friday: 5 Steps to an Awesome Email Campaign

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Email MarketingOnline marketing has drastically increased in recent years, and email campaigns seem like the new way to market to new customers and reach out to existing ones.

Because customers are receiving so much spam in their inboxes these days, it’s important that your company keep its email marketing content fresh so you don’t get moved to the trash folder.


To make your email marketing more effective, you’ll need to convince or motivate your customers to click through to your site and make a purchase. This, of course, is easier said than done. Here are some ways to make your email marketing efforts more effective.

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Increase Your Click-Through Rates

The ultimate goal of email marketing is to have customer immediately follow through to your site and convert them to purchase. A study by Silverpop found that email open rates have declined 2.1% from 2009, whereas click-through rates have increased slight by .7%. Chances are, if they don’t click through at the time they first read your email, they won’t make a note and come back and do it later on.

  • Use words that create a sense of urgency, and make the customers think that their business cannot wait. If they think that their time for special offers is running up, they are more likely to click-through immediately to go to your site.
  • Place links to your site in multiple places in the email, including at the top of the page. Make it easy for them to find your company information in the email.

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Make a Strong First Impression

As soon as the customer opens your marketing email, they should recognize your company’s brand. Make an effective first impression by placing the company logo at the top of the email, or at least above the fold. Then, even if they do not end up reading the entire message, you have still made an impression on them. Also, make sure you email is clean and aesthetically pleasing. Basic black and white text is boring. Be sure to put your best foot forward in all of your marketing efforts.

Communicate With Your Customers

Another good way to update your email marketing strategy is by communicating with your customers by email more frequently.

  • If they bought a product from you once, then never heard from you again, chances are if they randomly receive an email offer from you they won’t go for it. Be sure to maintain consistent communication with your customers over email to remind them of your brand every now and then.
  •  Adding personalized information to emails can also help you connect with them connect with your company on a more personal level, and will make them more inclined to use your service again.

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Go Mobile

Creating a mobile version of your site or incorporating responsive web design into your existing site will help make your company accessible to a wider customer pool. Many people check their email on their phones, so if the site they click through too isn’t mobile-friendly, they could close the window immediately. Include the link to your mobile site in the signature of your email.

Monitor Your Effectiveness

Like with all of your marketing campaigns, you should keep track of your numbers to monitor its overall effectiveness. If you are simply sending out messages and not keeping track of them, it can be considered spam.

  • Make sure your messages are being delivered to customer’s inboxes and are not being bounced back by email servers.
  • You can view your open-rate to see how effective your subject lines are
  • Click-through rates will let you know how effective your email body is. A high open rate with a low click through rate will show that you need to update your email content.

Keeping your email marketing content fresh can be what sets you apart from the wave of spam messages that are sent every day.

2 thoughts on “Marketing Fun Friday: 5 Steps to an Awesome Email Campaign

  1. avatarStephen @ Priori Legal

    Thanks for sharing these great tips! If you work online, odds are you have had some experience with an email marketing campaign here or there. Unfortunately, my last email campaign was a total flop, so I have been doing extra research to help improve my strategy. I really like your advice about creating a mobile site, something I had not had in place during my first email campaign. Have you experienced similar success using these tactics for social media campaigns?

  2. avatarErica Bell

    Hi Stephen,

    Additional research always helps with taking steps to improve campaigns. Communicating with customers and measuring effectiveness are essential for any marketing campaign, whether it’s social media or email marketing.
    Thanks for reading!

    – Erica

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