Marketing Fun Friday: Designing Your Most Effective Landing Page

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Landing page designBusinesses that don’t take the time to design their landing pages effectively could be missing out on the higher conversion rates that optimization can lead to.

Setting up a landing page that is aesthetically pleasing can help your company to get customer information fast, and create new loyal customers. Since your landing page is the first page your potential customer is presented with, you want to make sure it is clear, concise, and welcoming.

Here are some things to take into account when designing your most effective landing page.

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Keep it Simple

It’s important to understand that your landing page is not simply your company website. It is the page that customers are presented with to directly sign up for your service or product (and usually feature buttons that say things like “sign up here” or “become a member”). For this reason, you landing page does not need to contain all of the information that your regular website does. It’s important to keep your landing page simple to increase your conversions.

  • Define a specific goal and don’t give customers too many options. Present them with a clear path leading to entering their information.
  • Don’t ask too many different things of the customer on your landing page. Focus your message and pitch a very specific “call to action”.
  • Your design should be clean and relatively simple. Include basic information about your service, and possibly feature a customer review, but don’t include much more than that.

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Use Quality Graphics

The overall these of you landing page should accurate represent your company. Like with your traditional website, considering choosing a theme that matches nicely with your company logo in colors and design. Because the textual information is so limited, the graphics you choose on your landing page must be just right to draw the customer to click.

  • Usually landing pages feature one central image or graphic that represents your service. Get creative with your image! Find a way to show your products function in a new light.
  • Make sure your images are of decently high-resolution, but not too large that they will take too long to load. Be sure your landing page doesn’t take longer than 5 seconds to show up.
  • Use pleasing color schemes, and save exaggerated colors for click-through buttons (bright colors like orange and green work well).

Limit Navigation

Once your potential customer find their way to your landing page, the objective it to keep them there so you make a conversion. If you have too many navigation options for them to scan through, they might continue to browse and go right past your page.

  • A rule of thumb of landing pages is to eliminate all outside navigation completely, but it that seems to stifling to your company, allow only for basic navigation links to your own site.

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Know Your Visitors

By examining your company and its service, get a clear understanding of your potential visitors. What will they likely be drawn to? Are they strictly business, or should you opt for a more personal feel? Speak your customer’s language and use language that they will understand or even likely use themselves (but be cautious of seeming too casual and unprofessional). Be convincing in your presentation and share customer reviews or testimonials where necessary.

Monitor Your Effectiveness

If you don’t monitor your designs effectiveness, you won’t know what aspects of your site are successful and what are just taking up space.

  • Set up similar landing pages with a few key differences. Monitor their success to see which layout is more effective for increasing conversion rates.
  • Using Google analytics, monitor your overall traffic and then take into account how many of your visitors are actually making the conversion. Google Website Optimizer is also a free tool that performs these tests.
  • Do your research! Examine other examples of landing pages to get a better understanding of their components.

According to, a good conversion rate for a B2B landing page is 20% for basic email sign-up. The rate will naturally be lower the more information you are asking of your customer. Creating your landing page with design tactics geared towards optimization will likely increase your conversion rate and result in more sales for your company.

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