Marketing Fun Friday: Make Your Video Standout in Search

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marketing videoContent is king in today’s online marketing world. The quality of your business’s online content – from social media to your blog – will determine how well you rank in the search engines.

In turn, this will determine how much online traffic your business gets; but you already know all of that.

As this demand for high quality content and more information increases, we are seeing a a shift toward using dynamic content, like videos, in addition to blogging and sharing on social networks. While this is a great way to add value to standard blog posts, it’ll take a little extra time to make it stand out in search.

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Create Great Videos

No matter how much SEO you do behind the scenes, the quality of your marketing videos is paramount to attracting traffic and engaging your followers. The best sitemap in the world can’t make up for a poorly-made video. If you’re new to online video production, remember to take it slow, test your efforts, and don’t hesitate to make changes in order to improve your videos.

  • Start slow: If this is new to you, start with making shorter videos while you learn how to utilize your video editing software. With practice, you’ll learn how to properly script, shoot, and pace your videos, whether they’re tutorials, advertisements, or employee interviews. You’ll also learn just how long it takes to create a video – and how much time you can spare to work on it.
  • Track Results: Just as you would with any other marketing campaign, you should create several types of videos and track how well they go over with your fans. If your fans ignore your interviews but regularly share your tutorials, you know in which direction you should go with future videos.

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Build an Effective Sitemap

Search engine bots read text, not videos, so when you post a video to your website without a sitemap, the bots read it as empty space. While the gurus behind the most popular search engines are working on ways for bots to watch your videos and incorporate that information into search, for now, you need to tell the bots everything you want them to know; hence, the video sitemap.

  • Search engines want to see where you videos come from, so when you embed one on your website, link back to the original source – YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Be sure to fill in all the appropriate keywords for your video – and your business – in your sitemap. These include the title tag, description tag, thumbnail_loc, and video tag. If the video can only be played in a few specific countries, include that information as well.

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Give it a Push

The ability of the search engine bots to crawl videos is currently very limited. Rather than waiting for the bots to find your videos organically, not to mention judge the content effectively, consider submitting your sitemap to Google and Bing. Submitting your sitemap puts your videos on the top of the bots’ to-do list. Every video you make should have a sitemap; remember that you can put multiple videos onto one sitemap.

  • Bing’s process for submitting your video sitemap is complicated. You need to email them with a request to consider your sitemap, and there’s no way to confirm if and when they get around to actually crawling it. It’s worth it to email them anyway, but don’t put your SEO eggs all in that basket.
  • You can submit your sitemap to Google through the same process as submitting your website. It’s fast and easy once you have created your sitemap; check Google for specific instructions for submitting your sitemap.

If you follow these tips, your online marketing videos will stand out for two reasons: the videos themselves are dynamic and interesting, and your video sitemap effectively optimizes your video for search.

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