Marketing Fun Friday: Setting Up a Successful SMB Webinar (Part 2)

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Last week, we shared tips for getting a webinar started. We provided insight into developing a webinar strategy and suggested ways in which you can build a list of attendees. Webinars are interactive and are a great way for leaders and marketers who are focused on delivering content to continue building a presence online while establishing their company’s credibility. Webinars are increasing in popularity in both the B2B and B2C worlds.  Webinars can prove valuable for engaging with current customers and finding new ones. For this post, we’ll share steps on building a backup plan and making a presentation more powerful.

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Building a Backup Plan

No matter how confident you are in your presenter, technology and webinar preparation, you need to have a backup plan prepared. Technical troubles or a last minute emergency could result in unplanned interferences. Even still, there are some small tasks that are often forgotten when big events such as webinars approach, e.g. turning off cell phones and having a glass of water handy. Here are few items you might want to consider having a backup of:

  • A computer. In most cases, you’ll be able to login to a webinar from multiple computers if you are the presenting party. If your primary machine crashes or has problems with audio/video, you can continue on the backup without a hitch.
  • A telephone. If you’re dialing into the webinar or are presenting over the phone, having a backup phone is a must. If you lose battery life or suffer from a poor connection, you want to be able to continue with minimal disruption.

In addition, you’ll also want a printout of the slides/presentation so each presenter can follow along, even if they lose the webinar stream or their online connection is inconsistent. The others can continue and involve the presenter, even if the individual is unable to see what’s happening on their computer. This is another reason you want to keep moderators and presenters on separate networks. If the network of one goes down, the other can continue the webinar’s progression.

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Presentation Tips

Presenters often have their own techniques they are most comfortable using. In order to make the delivery of the material more engaging and effective, focus on the following basics of presenting. While having a script, or outline and designing your slides to be visually appealing, there are a few other areas of the presentation you may be disregarding.

  • Energy. Especially if you’re running a lengthy webinar, your energy levels could be subdued as you approach the end of the presentation. Look for ways to keep your (and your audience’s) energy up. Finish the presentation as strongly as you began.
  • Enthusiasm. Show your passion and enthusiasm for the subject and look to bring it out of your audience. Smile and use tones that will make the most technical facts more interesting. Show enthusiasm and seek out ways to get your audience just as enthusiastic.
  • Variation. While a clear tone is a must so your audience can hear and understand what you’re saying, varying up your pitch can keep things from becoming stale. Even small changes can refocus the audience’s attention on what you’re delivering.
  • Personalization. When answering questions, address the person asking individually whenever possible. By nature, people want to build relationships and connections. Focus on personalizing your answers to engage your audience and deliver questions directly.

Keeping your audience’s attention and harnessing it to the focus of each slide or piece of content is a must. These presentation tips can help you do just that. To avoid missteps, have a backup plan in place should something go wrong. Interacting with your audience on a personal and enthusiastic level is the best way you can engage them and make your webinar successful.

Have you hosted a webinar? Share your tips in the comments!

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