Marketing Fun Friday: Top 10 Quotes for Modern Day Marketers

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Marketing QuotesMarketers are all about sharing: sharing ideas within their teams, sharing their success with management, and sharing their company’s content with the correct audience. Often times, marketers share case studies and reports within their organizations that will help them define and optimize their marketing strategies. Here are some the most true, motivational quotes for modern marketers to know.

1. ” No matter what, the very first piece of social media real estate I’d start with is a blog.” Small business owners who are new to marketing but want to make an impact often ask where to get started. According to Chris Brogan, you should start with a blog. After all, you’re going to need something that isn’t overly promotional to share with and entertain your audience.

2. “Tell a story. Make it true. Make it compelling. And make it relevant.” Rand Fishkin, of Moz, says what many can’t – and he says it in 4 sentences, composed of 13 words. Many of today’s marketers forget that no matter the piece of content, a true story has to be told. But, as he implies, it can’t just be told, it has to be compelling and relevant to the audience the marketer is aiming to reach. If content is king, relevance is queen.

3. “Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising.” A successful businessman who built his business from the ground up, Milton Hershey may have been talking about chocolate, but what he says still holds true. Customers want to consume quality, whether it’s chocolate or a piece of content. Quality can’t be forgotten – it’s one of the best pitches in a marketer’s back pocket.

4. “A brand for your company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, explains that a brand is earned. A business can do what they want in an attempt to earn it, but ultimately it’s up to the customer. Think about the type of brand you want to be and how you can earn it in the minds of consumers.

5. “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.” Seth Godin, author of 11 books, makes a great point. Think about it this way: if you provide your customers with what they want, you will have less to worry about when it comes to product demand.

6. “The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers.” Word-of-mouth marketing and loyal customers will bring repeat and new business to your organization. Shiv Singh knows this and it’s why he’s suggesting businesses focus on creating a great experience for current customers so that those people create new customers.

7. “When you enchant people, your goal is not to make money from them or to get them to do what you want, but to fill them with great delight.” Every experience your customer has with your business, across all touch points, should make them delighted. Guy Kawasaki, author and former Chief Evangelist, at Apple is an advocate for enchanting audiences. How are you enchanting yours?

8. “Remarkable social media content and great sales copy are pretty much the same – plain spoken words designed to focus on the needs of the reader, listener or viewer.” Each piece of content you create should address your audience’s needs in some way. Brian Clark of Copyblogger understands that successful social content comes down to whether or not is addressing its audience.

9. “Bring the best of your authentic self to every opportunity.” Whether you’re networking at an event, pitching a site, or on a call, you need to be yourself. John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing, knows that authentic, personable content goes a long way in marketing.

10. “More contact means more sharing of information, gossiping, exchanging, engaging – in short, more word of mouth.” Word of mouth marketing isn’t restricted to in-person interactions anymore. In fact, it takes place via social media quite frequently. Gary Vaynerchuk, a best-selling author, knows this and knows that at each point of contact, you want to encourage your audience, whether it’s through content or a great experience, to share information about your business with others.

While there are many golden nuggets when it comes to marketing quotes, this is simply a roundup of a few favorites. What’s your marketing mantra?

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