Marketing Tips from American Express

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In an interview in BtoBObline, Marcy Shinder, VP of Brand Strategy and Marketing at American Express OPEN, offered up these tips (in a different format):

  • A downturn is a good time to identify ways to transform a company.
  • A lot of companies look at delivering better customer service as a differentiator. (For service organizations, this can be a challenge since your competitors are likely to be trying the same things. Instead, think about what improvements would deliver the most value.)
  • Companies need to stay relevant. (In other words, think about the problems customers buy from you, and make sure that what you provide truly solves their problems.)
  • Provide tangible value. (We have a client with a fascinating vision of the future of technology in their sector, but we’ve advised them to make that game-changing vision a secondary message because their first goal is to sell product. So they need to focus on ways they provide real value to their customers. A compelling vision of what’s to come is good, but that doesn’t always help customers when deciding to buy now instead of putting off the purchase for later.)
  • Companies need to market differently from the day of the 30-second spot. They need to provide insight, inspiration and advice during every customer interaction.
  • Companies need to answer what they can do for their customers.

Some good common sense advice, yet I’d bet a lot of companies don’t follow up on this. Check out the complete article, “American Express’ Shinder on marketing to small businesses.”

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