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mobile device managementOver the past few years, businesses have become increasingly dependent on having digital information like email and business applications accessible at all times. Employees perform growing numbers of tasks on personal devices like tablets, laptops and cell phones.

And while this great for business productivity, a number of concerns arise like data security, connectivity and compatibility. Thus, with the development and diversification of software and operating systems, business owners encounter difficulties keeping everything cross-compatible and secure; this is where mobile device management comes in.

Business and the Digital World

In response to this trend of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), a variety of mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) providers have emerged to address the needs of both enterprises and small businesses alike. Through a combination of MDM and MAM employees are empowered to use a number of different devices rather than the one standard brand and model that the IT department approves.

Analyst Alan Goode thinks that MDM is a maturing market, and reports that he is hearing of [more] “C-level executives and down wanting mobile management and wanting to use their own device,” according to SC Magazine. However, with more people using their own devices, businesses need to take extra precautions surrounding network and data security.

Data Security

If one of these devices falls into the wrong hands, the result could be devastating for a business of any size.  According to Spencer Parkinson of Symantec, a recent experiment where the company intentionally lost control of over 50 mobile devices highlights the importance of having trusted solutions to mitigate the risks associated with a business having so many portable devices with potentially sensitive information. On 45 percent of the devices, attempts were made to access corporate email accounts, and on 57 percent of the phones a “Saved Passwords” file was accessed.

Goode explains that a delicate balance between security, privacy and a positive end-user experience must be maintained: “Do users like a client on their own device? Probably not,” Good explains, “We will see Mobile Application Management (MAM) coming more from vendors to improve the user interface to fix the inadequacies of MDM.”

Actionable tips

Consider these tips for your business BYOD security efforts.

  • For a place to start, visit EnterpriseIOS’s MDM Comparison.
  • Consider security solutions that offer the most robust data security features in the market.
  • If employees are allowed to BYOD, enforce security compliance by requiring password protection on any device with sensitive information.

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Bio: Rich Dullaghan is a marketing consultant who specializes in Mobile and Social Media strategy. He is active in the startup community in San Diego, CA and is excited about how the mobile landscape is changing the way we communicate. 

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