57% of Business Want Mobile Technology for Hiring: 3 Ways Your Company Can Take Advantage

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mobile technology for hiringAccording to Ventana Research, 57% of organizations want mobile access to systems for interacting with job applicants. Because so many business owners are now managing their companies on the go – with cloud business software, mobile email, and more – it makes sense that hiring processes go mobile as well.

Check out these 3 hiring apps that can help your business source, interview, and screen new employees all through your mobile device.

Background Check Apps

Some industries, such as health care and education, require employers to perform background checks on anyone whose employment will put them into contact with vulnerable groups such as children or the elderly. Performing a comprehensive background check on your job applicants used to take days or even weeks – delaying your ability to quickly hire new employees and set them immediately to work.

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However, it’s important not to skip this essential step in the hiring process. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, organizations use background checks to reduce their legal liability for negligent hiring, guarantee a safe working environment, prevent criminal activity, and maintain compliance with state regulations.

Background check apps enable you to quickly and easily screen new employees straight from your mobile device. The quick turnaround time means that you can hire new employees more quickly, preventing interruptions in your business processes.

  • Make sure that any background check software you use is in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Pro tip: If the app says it should not be used for employment screening, it’s not in compliance, so don’t use it.

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Video Interviewing

There are two ways you can use the video capabilities of mobile devices for hiring purposes. The first is simple: rather than bringing an applicant into the office for their first interview, use a video conferencing app to hold a virtual interview. With this, you can screen out-of-town applicants before asking them to make the trip to your city.

It also makes cutting down the applicant pool a simpler process for your business. Once most of your applicants are weeded out through the quick and easy video interview process, you can spend more time on second, in-person interviews with your shortlist of candidates.

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You can also download an app that enables you to post interview questions on an interactive questionnaire. Job candidates then use their mobile device to record their responses to the questions on their own time. Management then plays back the videos at their leisure and uses them to decide which candidates to bring in for the next round of consideration.

Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are one of the most successful sources of new hires that a business can access. Referrals tend to produce higher quality applicants that fit better with the company culture and stay longer with the company than hires sources from elsewhere (CareerXRoads). According to Jobvite, 1 in 7 employee-referred candidates are hired – as opposed to 1 in 100 general applicants.

  • Referral apps make it easier for your employees to collect information about their friends, acquaintances, and network members and then transmit that information to your company’s hiring team. Rather than passing on a business card that can get lost and may fail to provide sufficient information about the potential applicant, these apps provide more certainty for both your employees and your recruitment team.

The world is going mobile, and with the right apps your business can go with it. The degree to which you make your hiring process mobile is entirely your prerogative – but rest assured that whatever you choose, there are apps available to make hiring easier, faster, and more convenient.

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