Morning Meditation

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My route to work each morning takes me past what is left of the New York Flower District. Passing the palm trees, orchids, rhododendrons and azaleas that line 28th Street, I think about the day ahead- what needs to be done, what I’m looking forward to. The plants and flowers themselves remind me of the passing of the seasons: Halloween pumpkins are replaced by Thanksgiving wreaths and later Christmas trees, which make way for red Valentine’s day roses and then Easter lilies as winter thaws into spring. These transitions help keep me in the present, aware of the “now.” While it might not be the traditional silent, chanting meditation, my daily walk focuses my mind for the tasks ahead.

Thinking about what you see on your way to work can be a powerful starting place for focusing your vision for your business. Chances are, you became a business owner because you wanted to be in charge- setting the pace, the goals, and the mission for your company. Focus and clarity is so important, especially if you hope to be an effective leader.

Prepare yourself for your day by observing what’s around you. Whether you walk to a towering office building or just down the hall to your home workstation, be present- set the tone for your day, and clear your mind before getting to work. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish, and maintain this focus- don’t get bogged down by the little details or daily tasks that can chip away at your larger mission. Sometimes a little morning meditation is all it takes to put everything in perspective, allowing yourself the freedom to grow your business the way you want to.

Believe in you.

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