New Years is Around the Corner: What’s Your Business’ Resolution?

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new-years-business-resolutionAs we say goodbye to 2010, the freshness of 2011 gives us the hope of a clean slate.  Everything seems possible–after all, you have 365 days to complete your tasks.  New Year’s resolutions aren’t anything new; in fact, you can trace their history back to ancient Babylonian times.

Most of Q4 is examining what your company has accomplished, as well as project goals for the upcoming year.  With months of planning finally out of the way, it is now time to get last minute tasks done and celebrate the end of one year, and the beginning of the next.  Although a business’ resolution might not be to lose more weight (at least not physically) it is important to have them.

Resolutions for SMB Owners
If you own your company you need to set a high level resolution.  It could be generating X amount more revenue, or hire on new people for your growing business.  Whatever it is, you need make it so your department heads can trickle down sub goals for their teams.

Peter Geisheker of the The Geisheker Group Marketing Firm, tells Carol Roth, “The number 1 area that you should improve in 2011 is to be wiser at how you spend your time. Stop doing busy work that does not generate income (checking email 25 times a day, playing on Twitter and Facebook) and focus your time on activities that generate income and growth for your company. This means delegating non-income producing work to other employees (or outsourced contractors) and focusing your time on activities that will grow your company–publicity, marketing, and sales.”

Management Resolutions
If you lead a team within an organization, what can you do to make things easier in 2011?  Better communication? Delegating tasks more? Whatever you think can help streamline efforts for you and your team is a great start.  Don’t ask yourself what will only be helpful for you, but your team as well.

With all of this in mind, don’t forget the overall business goal for 2011.  Ask yourself what is your team doing to reach the main goal?  If you don’t know, you need to prioritize and figure it out.

So what is your business’ New Year’s resolution?  Let us know in the comments below.  As for me, my resolution is to keep communication within my team top notch.

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