Optimizing Your PR Strategy

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Improving your SEO link building strategy with press releases can really be effective for small businesses. Public relations messages syndicated across hundreds of sites are a powerful aspect of any link building campaign. Most companies aren’t well versed in their press release distribution, in fact, 99.5% of press releases aren’t optimized for the web, according to Direct Marketing News. We all know that Google places emphasis on getting “your name out there” but where does PR and SEO marry? Do links from hundreds of less authoritative sites weigh more importantly for smaller sites than larger, more established companies? Would you rather have 5 high quality, authoritative links or a thousand low quality syndicated links?

The answer is… it depends. Your PR strategy should be under your businesses SEO umbrella. Everything matters in your press releases link building strategy, from the way you currently build links and your site’s content, to how your business positions itself and operates.

Small Businesses should strive for high quality, relevant links. High quality meaning that your links are coming from trusted sources, with established history of best practices. Relevant, meaning that the sites your press releases are syndicated on, are relevant to your niche. You should focus your press release to drive high quality traffic and not simply stuffing keywords. Include any relevant links, whether they are long tail keywords or generic phrases, make sure that you are providing value with your links.

Many SEO amateurs would push to syndicate your releases across a wide variety of low quality sites. It is important to get a distribution list, or a backlink analysis of a PR services previous work. Traffic is quite important, but gathering quality, followed links should be the focus of your press releases.

A major SEO benefit of PR services is getting links from permanent articles rather than potentially less permanent news coverage. News media is great for a few high quality links; however blog and article links are often times a more permanent link. A press release that delivers the highest SEO value would be receiving links from multiple permanent publications over high quality news stories. The main reason being most news sites archive their old stories after they are posted. A great PR strategy would be to target a large quantity of niche sites that are specific and relevant to your release. This is somewhat an “inside out” strategy where traditional PR approach focuses on a trickle down effect.

SEO Optimized Content
If you aren’t getting links in your press releases with partners they aren’t creating value for you. The same goes for sites that place restrictions on their links. If these sites use “nofollow” links or redirected links, Google will not give your business SEO value from your press release. Get a feel for each PR companies past work covering content, and use Mozilla’s “NoDoFollow” tool to understand if the site you are going to be releasing material on will even give you valuable links.

If you outsource your PR service, your businesses point of contact should be well-versed in SEO best practices. If you currently are distributing press release material, review your past releases effectiveness with delivering traffic and SEO value. As marketers, sometimes we fail to understand the different tools we have to gain market share and get our name out. Marrying your PR and SEO strategy should help you get focus your distribution and link building across various platforms.

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