Pain Versus Pleasure Marketing

Posted by on January 2, 2009 in Marketing [ 0 Comments ]

In order to gain your prospects’ and clients’ attention you have to appeal to their pleasure or their pain.

Your future and current customers are looking for products and services that will enhance their lives personally, professionally, spiritually, emotionally or physically.  You will enhance their lives either through alleviating or eliminating some kind of pain for them OR providing them with something pleasurable and enjoyable.

You’re probably thinking that I’ve “dumbed” it down too much but it really is that simple.  Your prospects and clients will go searching for something when they have pain or want some pleasure.

Or maybe I should say, they will pay money to you to change how they feel – positive or negative.  They might go looking for solutions out of curiosity but the majority of them won’t hand over their hard-earned money to you unless they are actively needing something.

So that means your marketing needs to target people’s points of pain, discomfort, dissatisfaction or on the flip side, it must show how they can add more pleasure, enjoyment, joy, happiness, satisfaction into their lives.

Of course, sometimes the two (pain and pleasure) aren’t mutually exclusive….get rid of some pain and the person will feel better, but the important thing is that the person went looking for pain relief.

Before you can determine if your marketing message and communication is around pain or pleasure, you need to figure out what your products and services promise.

What benefits do you guarantee your business offerings will provide?  Does your product help people alleviate pain or obtain pleasure?

Remember that people make buying decisions because they believe that a service or product will help them in some way.

It may help them gain more:  money, health, success, love, time, recognition, security, confidence, respect, and control.

Or it may help them avoid:  danger, losing money, ridicule, losing love, frustration, pain, risk, failure, embarrassment.

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