PDF Converter: Business Software for Multiple Purposes

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pdf converter for businessesTechnology is redefining our lives. Socially and culturally, it has pervaded and influenced us right down to our educational systems, our chosen career paths and, more importantly, in the way we do business on a daily basis.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are doing their share of integrating technology into traditional ways of creating profit and this technological factor is becoming vital to maintaining a successful business.

Every business professional’s goal is to maximize their efforts in order to achieve the best money-making strategy. Today this is achieved with the help of various tech tools that allow entrepreneurs to plan, organize and monitor their projects. Such tools that help businesses grow include:

  • CRM software that helps build and manage customer relationships
  • Freelance job websites that help entrepreneurs look for work force
  • Tax-filing software
  • Document management software
  • Cloud storage services

The list of helpful software goes on and on. PDF converters are utilities that rank very highly on the list for multiple reasons. The numerous advantages of PDF have turned the data container into one of the leading file formats for archiving and sharing business documents.

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However, along with highly-acclaimed benefits, the Portable Document Format also features a few slight disadvantages. The most obvious is that PDFs are very difficult to edit. To significantly edit a PDF, it is necessary to translate it into an editable file format, such as MS Office formats and its alternatives. And that is where PDF converters kick in.

Comprehensive and advanced PDF solutions usually include a range of features that make them truly multipurpose software programs that offer business users multiple functionalities:

Digitize Your Paperwork

Though paper files are still around, electronic documents are taking over primacy in our professional communication. It is easier, faster and more convenient to store and share thousands of documents on a computer than in file folders, cabinets and other physical organizers.

An easy way to turn all paperwork into electronic documents is to scan them, convert to PDF and archive PDF counterparts of those paper originals.  Electronic files don’t take any physical space and are easy to organize, multiply, backup and share with anyone anywhere, anytime, regardless their physical location.

Turn Scanned PDFs into Editable Documents

The best PDF converters use advanced OCR technology to translate not only native, but also image, scanned PDFs into appropriate editable documents. This feature is particularly useful to businesses with a long history whose paperwork is being transferred into digital formats.

Such a tool allows them to access and modify any archived file they need, be it an old legal contract, a tax receipt or annual financial report.

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Access and Work with Financial Data

Accountants, auditors, other finance professionals and data analysts are among the most frequent users of PDF to Excel conversion options. PDF solutions developed with finance and other data analysts in mind allow users to customize the look and the data prior to conversion. Simply put, you can take any PDF table, adjust it to your particular data manipulation needs and then create a fully customized ready-to-edit spreadsheet from it.

Extract PDFs into HTML Pages

Accountants are not the only ones who profit from the PDF tool. For example, graphic designers and website builders like to use PDF to HTML converters to quickly build web pages from archived PDF materials and resources.

PDF software may also include the option to convert archived PDF images into customizable photos that can be easily embedded on their websites.

Create presentations from archived PDFs

Businesses whose strategy for attracting clients relies heavily on making and delivering presentations often save and store their PowerPoint slides as PDFs. But, more often than not, they find out that they might reuse individual slides in other presentations or reuse existing ones. Instead of creating a presentation from scratch, it is far more efficient and productive to extract and convert useful material from archived PDFs and create a fresh PowerPoint slideshow that can be further enhanced. Again, one of the main reasons for using a PDF converter when creating presentations is to save valuable time.

As seen here, entrepreneurs have much more on their mind than simply offering the best possible service or product to their customers. They have to keep books, file taxes, make budget projections, and manage all sorts of other business documents. And professional PDF software helps them to do exactly that – manage their business documents and files, and ultimately increase productivity.

Author Bio: Reena Cruz  writes for the Investintech.com blog, covering topics on general software and PDF converter technology. As a tech-geek, she enjoys learning about new tech trends, sharing productivity hacks, and offering helpful tips online.  

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