Photo Sharing for B2B Online Marketing

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online marketingFor your customers, photo sharing sites are definitely the current trend. Pinterest has changed the way women share recipes, workouts and good books, while Instagram has embedded its antique view of life into everyone’s memories.

Though consumers share a lifetime of memories here, you can make use of these online marketing tools as well. You need to be where your customers are – and many businesses and consumers alike have flocked to these sites. So, take advantage and reach new customers, one pin at a time.

Drive Traffic

Businesses use every possible outlet for driving traffic back to their site. From keywords in blog posts, to commenting, taking part in forums and social media – they are all efforts to get customers back to your home page. Because photos are more effective at eliciting attention than text, this is a great source for traffic.

  • Pin from your site: If you add pins directly from your website with the “Pin It” plugin on your toolbar, you will automatically imbed that link into the pin. So, even an accidental click will take them right where you want them.
  • Choose the right landing page: Always relate your link to the photo you’re sharing – from products, to your sign up page or a blog post. If they’re curious enough to click the photo, they’re likely going to be interested enough to look around wherever you send them.

Make it Effective

With Twitter, you can throw a few new blog posts out and call it a day. With Facebook, you can answer a few comments and move on. With photo sharing sites, however, you have to work to make them effective. This is less about engagement and more about enticing customers and converting.

Photo sharing tips:

  • Make it compelling: Pinterest is all about great photos – people share what looks good, what they’re inspired by, and what intrigues them. Your photos are the main aspect, so you have to make them good.
  • Make it relevant: You want to appeal to your customers, so keep your photos relevant. Whether you use infographics, phone pictures or professional photos, be sure that your customers will care about it.

Show Authority

Your business blog is about adding value, and so are your photo sharing efforts. However, it’s important that you also show some authority here. While these sites are filled with fly-by-night pinners, you have to show you’re actually serious.

  • Do your research: Know what your competition is doing; what are others in your industry having success with? You don’t want to copy them, but rather take their tactics and make them better.
  • Accompany it: Don’t just put out photos, add in text as well. Whether you share a tip or trick, or information about a product you sell, you’re photo is only as good as the value it will bring to your interested customers.

B2B marketers have a notoriously hard time with social media, but photo sharing can be a valuable tool for the many B2B companies who have yet to start using it. So, instead of avoiding it all together, make it work for your business, and take advantage of the opportunity before it’s replaced with the next online fad.

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13 thoughts on “Photo Sharing for B2B Online Marketing

  1. avatarPhilip Emerson

    Very well said.

    Yes, you need to be where your customers are and you have to be in the latest trend if you want to expand your business. You can’t afford to be behind with the current marketing strategies that technology are offering. We all know that social media marketing is quite a tricky one. But as long as you did it the right way, no worries.

  2. avatarcory J

    I totally agree with you that as Internet marketer, one should always be one step ahead of the trend so that he’s the one whose going to set the bar for the next practitioners. We should also look at mobile SEO these days because it is the next big thing. As early as now, we should know how to optimize our sites for mobile devices.

  3. avatarJeremy

    What this tells us is that we are a society that likes visual information. Unfortunately, we’re not readers (I think research has been done on this), and we prefer to be given information as simply as possible. This means using photos, videos, and infographics to get our messages across. You still don’t want to ignore those that do a good blog post or other text content, but to get them there you need a compelling visual as well. Make sure that blogs contain at least one photo, and that the photo has been optimized for SEO purposes. You can’t lead someone to a blog or website from Pinterest without a photo so get creative and always be thinking visually. Today’s and tomorrow’s marketers have to be great at creating content both in text and graphic/photo form. If you are not up to speed, spend time taking photos, take a class on photography or computer graphics or learn to use software like Photoshop.

  4. avatarJessica Sanders Post author

    So glad we could be of assistance – Pinterest is definitely a great marketing tool if that’s where your audience is and you use it right. Best of luck to you!

  5. avatarJessica Sanders Post author

    I think there is where a lot of businesses struggle. But, in your case, you can use it for brand awareness and external linking. Maybe put a new face on your business, and do boards relating to personal finance, organizational techniques. If you keep a blog, you can “pin” blog posts, as well. Pinterest forces businesses to think out of the box which can make it really tricky to get started.

  6. avatarJessica Sanders Post author

    Jeremy, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Its so true. Rich content is definitely becoming more popular, but a quality blog post does wonders for your authority as a business and your authority in Google’s eyes. Keep visual in mind, but don’t ignore the quality text either. Thanks for sharing that with us.

  7. avatarJessica Sanders Post author

    Cory you are definitely right. Technology is moving so fast, you have to get in early so you’re prepared for it’s evolution as it grows and gains popularity.

  8. avatarHannah Hamilton

    I think this is a good idea in marketing since online readers are not much concern in browsing articles and we can’t deny the fact that facebook and other social media are already part of our day to day activity. Photo sharing will attract online visitors, so pick out the best and appropriate image, start blogging and gain traffic. :)

  9. avatarPinterest Pro

    Thanks for the tips! It’s so wonderful that there’s such a tremendous amount of resources available to Pinterest marketers. An excellent Pinterest Influencer Network I’ve come across that’s been really helpful to my biz is PinLeague. They’re basically a one-stop shop of Pinterest marketing resources definitely worth mentioning. Hope this helps and thanks.

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