Picture How Your Business Can Utilize Video Content Marketing

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In an effort to better market your brand, what role does video content marketing play?

A recent Forbes Insights survey in association with Google, notes executives (more than 300 C-level and senior execs from large U.S. companies were interviewed) are becoming more open to video content marketing in order to better obtain and dispense business information.

While text remains the preferred mode, executives indicated that video over the past year seems to have evolved from a novelty into a mainstream means to obtain business information. Meantime, younger executives appear more inclined to also create and share video content on the business-oriented “social” Internet.

For companies looking to spread the word regarding product offerings, video content marketing makes it possible to provide consumers with informative and entertaining content. In turn, the goal is that individuals will disperse your content with others sharing similar interests.

In order to effectively use video content marketing, companies should come up with a game plan.

First, determine the audience demographic and formulate a strategy to have long-term distribution and engagement. Be sure to clearly announce what message you want to convey, what your company can offer and what sets you apart from others.

Keep in mind that video content marketing has an added benefit whereby individuals can both view and listen to your message, something that other forms of content cannot deliver.

Secondly, promote your video content to the hilt so that it gains maximum exposure. Social media sites prove an ideal outlet to spread the word of what your company can offer.

Given the fact that video provides a number of advantages over other forms of communication, companies should embed the finished product on social media sites (YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter etc.), blog posts, and other venues.

A positive game plan also entails integrating the same load of content or variations of likewise material across an array of delivery channels. In doing so, the same content will be spread in a variety of ways and will be available on the web for some time, meaning long-term exposure. It is also important to know if the content will be streamed or downloaded.

Companies using video content marketing also need video that is search engine optimized, including the all-important keywords, searchable titles and useful tags. Most importantly, remember that less is more, so keep the video package condensed.

Finally, deliver video content that is logistically and professionally organized. This will include having in place things like the video type, locale, and resources along with how it will be delivered.

Be sure to have video content that if not done by an outside professional is professionally done in-house. A shoddy video can bring more harm than good to your brand, so make sure it is authentic and worth the viewer’s time.

With more executives turning to video content marketing, are you ready to picture how it can assist your business?

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