Placing Picture Perfect Facebook Ads

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Creating the perfect Facebook ad involves more than buying ad spaceFollowing the introduction of social media, it didn’t take long for Facebook to establish itself as the benchmark for similar networks, setting standards for linking, posting, liking and generally keeping a digital record of your daily life online. For small businesses that have taken to internalizing this popular trend, the returns on investment have proven too good to ignore.

In a report recently released by BIA/Kelsey, a market research firm, data showed the enthusiasm small businesses displayed for social networking, particularly Facebook, with an emphasis on advertisements.

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The research first found that of the businesses represented in the study, approximately half (52 percent) maintain at least one official Facebook account. Among those, just over 45 percent of brands designating budget space for social ads described their ROI as excellent. However, despite the successes many have had using the ads, still only 15 percent are taking advantage of the function.

It’s true that simply having and regularly attending to a social media account can be a good resource for businesses trying to reach out to new customers. But with documented success, wouldn’t it make more sense for businesses to attract customers with well-placed social ads?

Creating the perfect advertisement

Putting an ad on Facebook can be a great boon to business, but doing so without the proper planning and understanding of how placement works can fail to generate results your organization is hoping.

Who are you talking to?

One the basic fundamentals of marketing is knowing your audience. And not in the sense of a intimate, personal connection, but more so in regards to their geography, gender, interests, marital status and education levels – basically any information you’d likely be able to glean from their personal profile. This information helps you get a grasp on the demographics; although, being on Facebook, the age range tends to hover between 12 and 35.

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Target practice

Once you’re familiar with the demographics of your audience, tailoring advertisements to specifically appeal to those people is possibly the most important part of creating an effective ad. Unfortunately, there’s no one guaranteed way to ensure the perfect targeted ad. It’s more of a trial and error process. [I’m not sure they are going to like this angle because it could be seen as a waste of money for SMBs. let me know if you have questions or need suggestions on how to revise this and I can try to help you come up with something] Your business should, at any given time, be rotating anywhere from five to 10 ads. This will give you a chance to monitor the effectiveness of each ad and understand what works for your company.

Bring the back to you

Placing an advertisement on a social media platform is going draw attention, but where the consumer goes after that will determine their next step. Your ad should avoid sending potential customers directly to sales pitch and instead guide them to your your organization’s official Facebook account. It’s entirely possible your selected audience is unfamiliar with your business and bringing them back to your page can give them the information they need to make their purchasing decisions.

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Keep up with it

Online marketing with Facebook ads is fresh and effective, but the relative immaturity of the practice makes it very unpredictable. Closely monitoring the returns your company gets from specific ads could mean the difference between a sucessful campaign and a flop. Even something as simple as a spreadsheet to document conversion rates can help your business gain an understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

What’s more, your company should never stop experimenting. If you have ad that works, great. But there is always room to improve, and always another successful strategy waiting to be formulated. The only hurdle is the amount of work your willing to put in to the project.

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