POS Trends: What’s New for 2013

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What does 2013 hold for POS Systems?

We’ve  looked into our crystal ball (well, actually we checked in with industry experts who’ve been looking into their crystal balls) to find out what sort of new and exciting features to be on the lookout for.

The new year will be all about an enhanced customer experience, said Jay Graham, vice president of technology solutions at Randstad Technologies, who recently offered his predictions on the Retail Info Systems News site. Everything from targeted, on-site marketing and advertising to the rise in mobile POS will streamline the in-store shopping experience, he said.

Steve Rothwell, CEO of Eagle Eye, agrees. In an article on OnWindows.com, he said more consumers will use mobile wallets, which are the lynchpin to customer loyalty and provide a wealth of data on customer behavior which enhances their experience and “closes the digital loop.”

Read on for 5 trends in POS you can expect to see in 2013.

1. Advanced mobile options: Instead of waiting in long lines to be rung up on a register, smartphone and tablet users will be able to take advantage of mobile point-of-purchase options. New entrants to the mobile payment market — including Square, iZettle and mPower — are giving a wide variety of retailers and service providers a new way to accept payment, said Roth. This streamlined sales process not only improves customer satisfaction, but also provides huge cash savings in comparison to traditional POS systems. The touchscreen aspect of mobile purchasing is familiar to both customers and employees, which should make using these systems easier for customers and staff alike — offering the option of self-service for customers and decreasing the training time needed for employees.

2. More customer loyalty programs: These days, every business from the grocery store to the gas station to the gardening center offers some type of rewards program for regular customers. Graham expects the customer loyalty trend to expand in the coming year as it becomes more integrated with mobile and traditional POS systems, allowing sales associates to sign new customers up in under two minutes and allowing customers to receive and cash in on special offers from their mobile devices.

3. Customized marketing and advertising: Remember that movie “Minority Report,” in which the whole world seemed to be operated by biometrics and holograms? It turns out that sort of technology might not be too far off into the future, and you might start seeing your favorite retailers use it this year. According to Graham, state-of-the-art POS systems can now scan customers waiting in line and offer them customized, digital advertising based on their age and gender, which could increase impulse buys at the register.

4. Bring Your Own Device: Intuit recently bought the mobile self-checkout startup AisleBuyer, and David Dorf of Oracle expects to see more retailers begin to support self-scanning — allowing customers to purchase items from their mobile devices right in the aisle.

5. Social Media Integration: Some POS system providers are finding ways to tie into social media platforms, getting in-depth information on customers, which then allows them to improve marketing and promotions abilities and increases sales and repeat visits, according to Hospitality Technology.

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