Pull Up the Straps and Get Ready to Sell

Posted by on June 17, 2008 in Business Start Up Advice, Marketing, Sales 2.0, Sales Outsourcing, Web 2.0 [ 0 Comments ]

Considering that my core focus is building, developing, coaching, and mentoring sales teams for emerging companies, many people ask me what it takes to get sales going. The answer is simple, but all too often the greatest challenge a young company faces. If you just decided your product is ready for market, then take a long hard look at your first sales person. Take a look in a mirror, because it is you.

The problem is, in some cases, you are a website designer, or a programmer; possibly a business man or a finance guru, but a sales guy? You are not the one who gets people to buy. Well wait a moment, because all the efforts you put into your state-of-the-art offering that will change the world will sell itself right? We just have to advertise and the sales ready buyers will flock to our website, phone line, and inbox.

I do not relish being the bearer of bad news, but if you believe the latter, prepare to move back into the corporate world and slip those boots off for good. Someone in the founding group must be a capable sales person, and one who understands the innovators in your field. They have to know how to evangelize your offering without pitching and convincing. No one like this on your team? Then the first thing you should do is get a coach. Then read some books, articles, blog posts, and get ready for another education as you get your degree in selling.

There are some other basics to getting a competitive advantage when selling. First of all, innovators like other innovators, and while you can find many helpful hints on my blog and in other posts, most of my work here will be in sharing how to use Web 2.0 and cutting edge technologies to better sell your products. I hope you find this helpful as we journey through the advances of the 21st century. If you want to have a successful sales team, you have to start by getting some sales.

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