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B2B TwitterSome say that B2B marketing is the “ugly sister” of B2C; where innovation and creativity are not as prevalent or effective. This adage is flawed, because B2B social media marketing is allowing companies to grow their businesses in unimaginable ways. Marketwire reports that 9 out of 10 marketers use B2B content marketing. eMarketer also gives us insight on the uses and effectiveness of B2B social media efforts. Here are a few great articles to bookmark on your search to improve your B2B social media outreach.

Social Media Working Better for Retention Than Acquisition [eMarketer] A survey conducted by Direct Marketing Assocation found that most companies are employing their social media efforts to increase brand awareness. This is good news for the B2B marketer because the main selling point of B2C social media outreach was its effectiveness with end user customer growth and retention.

How to Use Social Media for B2B Marketing [Inc.] Some helpful tips on B2B marketing. Define your target market, monitor before you act, communicate your message, being cautious, and using analytics to measure marketing efforts are the five main pointers to solidify a solid online marketing presence. JJ McCorvey writes, “When developing your B2B strategy for social media, the place to start out is to find out where other businesses are going. Who are you trying to market to, and which social media platform are they using?”

HOW TO: Improve B2B Sales Productivity with Social Media [Mashable] Umberto Milletti writes a thorough “how to” piece that gives us insight in to increasing sales productivity with social media. One of the major criticisms of social media is the difficulty in measuring ROI but it turns out that sales professionals can leverage the power of social media to increase sales turnover.

Study Shows B2B Content Marketing Is Used by 9 out of 10 Marketers [Marketwire] A report from market wire claims that content marketing is used by 90% of B2B businesses, however they are unsure on the effectiveness of individual tactics. Most popular tactics used by B2B businesses were social media (79%) and articles (78%) and it’s a common fact that most business are committing significant time and resources to transform their marketing departments.

Social Media Use Exceeds Email Among B2B Sales [PR-USA] “These usage statistics indicate that the online behaviors of B2B sales and marketing professionals are evolving in a similar fashion to those of Internet consumers at large. Nielsen’s June 2010 NetView survey had found that American consumers now spent nearly a quarter of their total online time on social networks and blogs”

These top 5 articles will give you a better understanding of how B2B and B2C social media efforts are similar. B2B social media execution is widely employed, but the question still remains if it is being used effectively. Most companies are emphasizing gaining brand awareness through social media and B2C customer retention takes a hit. Learning to tame and leverage the social media monster is an art form, especially with business to business companies.

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