Resource Nation’s Pick For Top 5 Business Stories of the Week

Posted by on September 3, 2010 in Business News [ 0 Comments ]

News StoriesSome of you may have already checked out for the long weekend, but it was especially busy in the tech world.  From Gmail giving us an upgrade, to Apple TV, it seems we all can gain from being a little more tech savvy.  We’ve rounded up the top business stories this week, and tech seemed to rule.

  1. Gmail Priority Inbox Sorts Your Email For You. And It’s Fantastic [TechCrunch] “Email overload has finally met its match. Gmail is rolling out a new feature called Priority Inbox that is going to be a Godsend for those of you who dread opening your email. In short, Google has built a system that figures out which of your messages are important, and presents them at the top of the screen so you don’t miss them.”
  2. Don’t Rule Out Apple Ruling Your Living Room [BusinessWeek] “At a Sept. 1 event in San Francisco, Steve Jobs announced that Apple is bringing out a less-than-revolutionary upgrade. The new Apple TV looks different—it’s black, not white, and at 3.9 inches square, is 75 percent smaller than the old one—and you now rent rather than buy movies and TV shows.”
  3. Americans in the dark about energy use [CNNMoney] “While people are generally able to rank items according to energy use – i.e. the dryer uses more than the toaster – they are way off the mark when it comes to gauging by just how much, according to a recent study from researchers at Columbia University and elsewhere.”
  4. YouTube Ads Turn Videos Into Revenue [New York Times] “Last month, a YouTube user, TomR35, uploaded a clip from the AMC series “Mad Men” in which Don Draper makes a heartfelt speech about the importance of nostalgia in advertising.”
  5. Unemployment Rate Rises In August For First Time In 4 Months As Labor Force Expands [Huffington Post] “Private employers hired more workers over the past three months than first thought, lifting hopes for the weak economy ahead of the Labor Day weekend.”

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