8.3 Million US Female Business Owners & 5 Awesome Resources

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female business ownersIt’s International Women’s Day, and at ResourceNation.com we’re celebrating women business owners. According to American Express Open, women own 30% of US businesses – which comes out to about 8.3 million businesses total.

With revenues exceeding 1.2 trillion from them women alone, not to mention 7.4 million jobs, it’s imperative that they have all the resources they need to keep up the great work.

While there are more resources available, for both the femalepreneur and the experienced female business owner, than we can count, we’ve collected the 5 best ones.

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National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)

Whether you’re following the latest trends or looking for some advice, NAWBO has it you covered. As a free user, you can access over 13 categories of articles, ranging from finance to customer service.

However, as a member you also have access to a variety of exclusive tools for managing your business. Take advantage of expertise from their partners and successful corporations as you build your business from the ground up.

Female Business Blogs

Blogs have become the new newspapers. Filled with stories from citizen journalists, you have access to millions of articles and loads of valuable information. With so many to choose from, it may be tough to determine which are best; here are a few to get you started:

  • She Takes on the World: Started by Natalie Macneil, who has been featured in some of the most prestigious business publications such as Business Insider and Forbes, this blog is filled with valuable information and resources.
  • ForbesWoman: Get all the news you could need from “Top-Earning Females” to HR advice, you’ll get a little bit of everything here.
  • EntrepreneurChic: From branding to finance and social media, this is your go-to spot for female geared business advice. Started by a young female entrepreneur, you can be sure you’re getting news on the most recent trends in business.
  • Business.com: Written for both male and female  business owners, this blog still offers loads of important business information from software to finance and social meda.


The most popular topic around female business owners is often funding; and their lack of it. Women Impacting Public Policy found that only 56% of women use commercial credit, versus 71% of men. And yet, only 45% of female businesses who applied for funding in 2011 were successful – after two attempts.  If funding is the problem, crowdsourcing may be the answer.

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Crowdfunding is a valuable financial resource for women because it allows you to present yourself, your business, service or product to like-minded individuals – seek out other female business owners and supporters and plead your case.

Local Female Business Chapters

What better resource than someone who has started their own business before. Seek out local female business owners to get their advice, tips, and tricks. Not only is this valuable information, but it can be the inspiration you need to push through a tough business burden.

  • Association of Women’s Business Owners: Find your local chapter for education, training, and access to capital. They are working to make your job easier and your business more successful.
  • Business groups: Hop on a site like MeetUp and you’ll find dozens of groups for female business owners. Connect, network and learn from the people who want to see you succeed.

Women Business Owner Conferences

Finally, one of the best resources for female business owners is conferences. These give you the opportunity to sit in on talks dealing with current trends, female business related issues, and so much more. Not to mention, the networking afforded by conferences can be invaluable. These are held all across the country, so look for one that is close by.

There are many more resources available to you, but this is a good place to start. Happy International Women’s Day and cheers to all our female business owners!

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