Retail Events: Bringing More Business into Your Retail Store

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retail eventsRetailers are always looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, to be memorable and, most importantly, to be a customer’s sole source for whatever products you offer. There are countless ways to do this and you are most likely already sitting on your biggest goldmine… your customer database.

What do you do with all those names in your point of sale system database?  You have been collecting names from every shopper who makes a credit card purchase and your POS technology will tell you who bought what, who shops sales, and who spends the most.

Make the most of your technology systems by using that customer database to have trunk shows for specific designers, wine and cheese parties to meet a rep from a particular line of merchandise, or better yet, a local manufacturer of something you carry, always with “special invitations” to those customers that have purchased these lines in the past.

Here are some events that I have seen our retailers recently organize:

Educational Classes

An excellent example is Joann’s Fabrics, who offer dozens of classes based around their products and demographics. What do your clients frequently ask you how to do? Your customers are likely to have similar points of interest and can be brought together into a community within your retail space; this adds value to your product or service.

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Themed Events

Origins bring together ladies for movie night or “Pajama Night” where girls can get complimentary facials and enjoy a movie (in store). Salons can offer blow outs at a discount, liquor stores can have a themed night and bring in a food truck to create a cohesive experience. There are numerous holidays, themes and even a movie can be used to inspire an event.

Block Parties

Get together with your neighboring retailers to create a group event, you can even get neighboring restaurants in on it by asking if they can sponsor the finger food served. The neighboring stores do not have to all have the same target audience but you will find couples, friends and even families may come out of the woodwork to check it out. If you do not have any local restaurants, consider calling a few food carts or trucks and inviting them to participate.

Crafting or DIY Events/Parties

This will depend on your store’s customer demographic and product but anything from necklace-making classes, screen printing parties, tie-dye parties, the sky is the limit!

  • Screen printing parties: Customers bring garments to be screen printed with a cool set graphic, perhaps created by a local artist; you can, of course, include your logo or website at the bottom of the graphic or offer a graphic that is just your logo. Play some music, get some food and drinks sponsored and your customers and future customers are sure to have a good time and remember you.
  • T-shirt Refurbish Party: Have your customers bring in old t-shirts and have stations where they can learn to transform them with scissors into an entirely different piece.

Make sure you maximize the benefits of the party by running a raffle or sign-in table to capture your visitor’s name and email. Gather contact data from everyone who attends your events and then get them entered into your POS’s customer relationship management system so you can promote to them in the future.  Even if they don’t buy something, they can be entered into your POS system for future promotions.

You can additionally promote your event in advance through local area event pages, social media, newspapers, emails to existing clients and more. By bringing in multiple parties (food or drink sponsors, for example) you can additionally ask if they can also promote the event through their promotional channels.

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