5 Simple Ways to Sell More in 2013

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sell moreWhen you engage customers via two or more channels, they can be up to 125% more valuable than single-channel customers (Direct Marketing Association). In order to increase your business’s sales over the coming year, you need to diversify the ways that you reach your customers.

Utilize mobile POS, social media, and other techniques in order to break into new consumer markets, upsell your current clients, and make customer-centric improvements to your business.

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1. Utilize Mobile POS

Mobile payments and mobile POS are one of 2013’s fastest-growing technologies.  Mobile payments could reach $617 billion by 2016, according to USA Today. Incorporating mobile in your business’s POS system can help you expand sales into a wider variety of venues to find new customers.

  •  Use your mobile POS at trade shows, festivals, special events, and any other location where accepting credit card payments via traditional methods is inconvenient or impossible.

2. Cross-Train Your Call Center Reps

Call center representatives can help you expand your customer service beyond inbound calls and into live web chat, social media, and lead generation.

  • Extending your hours with live chat or having chat live 24 hours a day can help bring in new customers for your business.
  • Let your reps access social media information so that they can follow up with leads generated by your business’s social profiles.
  • Train your call center reps to generate leads for your sales team as they’re taking calls. They can work to upsell current customers and bring in new leads for your sales team.

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3. Target Customers with Direct Mail

A targeted direct mail campaign can have the highest ROI of any marketing method. According to Target Marketing’s Sixth Annual Media Usage Forecast, direct mail had the highest rate of new customer acquisition (34%), as compared to 25% for email marketing. The most important ingredients in a successful direct mail campaign are:

  • An address list targeted to the specific demographic most likely to become new customers.
  • A mailing that features good design, good copy, and a clear call-to-action.
  • A bulk mailing permit and postage meter to make sending your mailing cheap, easy, and efficient.

4. Partner Up

There’s a reason teamwork is celebrated everywhere from schools to corporate offices – because it works. Just as you should encourage teamwork amongst your employees, you should also work to team up with other businesses for mutual benefit.

  • Approach a business whose products or services complement yours and team up to cross-promote each other’s businesses. Not only do you gain free advertising for your company, you can gain access to a whole new segment of potential customers to market to.

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5. Generate Customer Feedback

With the growth of the internet and social media, businesses have more opportunities than ever before to garner feedback from their customers.

Utilizing social media can improve your customer service as well as improve your product and services. According to Bluewolf, 73% of customers have spent more with a company because of a history of good customer service.

  • Ask your customers for feedback on your products and services, suggestions for new products, and comments on current products.
  • Effective customer engagement not only provides your business with important customer viewpoints – it is also an important element of generating and maintaining a positive social media presence.

You can sell more this year by diversifying the ways you reach and sell to customers. Meet them anywhere with mobile POS, entice them with direct mail, and engage them through your call center and social media platforms. The more channels you use to reach new and existing customers, the more valuable they will become.

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