SEO: How Will Graph Search Affect You?

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graph search SEOWhen Mark Zuckerberg decided to unveil his revolutionary creation, he knew it would change the Internet and business world. Since its inception, Facebook has become a social phenomenon, with over, one billion users.

Most recently, Facebook has unveiled its new search service. The so-called “Graph Search” will give users an alternative to Google that might enhance the ability to search the social network using particular queries.

However, this isn’t the first shot fired against Google for web search dominance – at least in Facebook’s eyes. Mark Zuckerberg commented, “Graph Search is not Web search,” clearly indicating that the social media super-giant is willing to start a long-term campaign toward disrupting some of Google’s market share – although it may be competing with Google in a different way.

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The Impact on SEO

Facebook has made a determination to not compete against Google directly, and separate itself with this new product. The main implication is that Facebook wants to create something that will change the search market. However, the initial reaction is lukewarm at best.

Kenneth Wisnefski, who is the chief executive officer of the SEO Company, Webimax, had an interview on Bloomberg this past week. He stated:

“I don’t see it as a game-changer at all. The only possibility that this could potentially lead to, is that this is their entrance into search. And that this is kind of a precursor of more things to come. But, the reality of it is, Facebook stocks will drop off because I think this was not a huge announcement and that there is not a lot of value.”

Wisnefski continued to comment that this will please users, but is not the revenue model that investors have been waiting for. As of now, the SEO world views the optimization of Graph Search as an entirely different world, which may or may not be a supplement for the industry.

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Is There Any Additional Value?

The main implication is that there is no value toward the “Graph Search” at this time. However, if there are additional plans toward the graph search, this could bring a surprise to many users and advertisers around the web. There has always been a notion that Facebook would enter the search market, but the graph search has yet to impress anyone in the SEO industry.

Facebook’s Goal

Mark Zuckerberg has done an outstanding job building a product that continually improves user experience. He views “Graph Search” as the monumental change that will improve traffic, revenue, and the overall experience of the everyday user. Facebook has over one billion users and many social experts believe that it can provide some answers that Google can’t.

It plans to focus on four main areas of search: people, photos, places, and interests.  The main point is that Graph Search is not so much about what Zuckerberg has unveiled, but what it could evolve into.

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