Should You Hire A Facebook Page Designer?

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Facebook has taken its place as the number one social media site for businesses.  According to Hubspot Blog, 70% of all businesses use Facebook for marketing. With that said, how many of these pages are actually done well? Unfortunately, many companies still don’t know how to put their page together in a beneficial way.

As a free source for marketing and user generated content, a poorly designed page can put a real strain on your business’s marketing effectiveness. Even with 50% of marketers having less than one year experience, according to, only 28% of businesses currently outsource their social media efforts.

It is speculated that the rarity of outsourcing is due to a general lack of knowledge around the idea of social media. So the question remains: Should you be a leader and hire outside of your company for your Facebook design?

Why Hire a Professional?

Many experts have found that approximately 88% of businesses cite that their social media efforts have boosted general exposure, so it’s a question worth pondering. If that isn’t enough reason to pass your Facebook design torch to someone else, consider:

  • This is proven to be a beneficial way to connect with customers. With more than 800 million users, you couldn’t ask for a better  (and free), platform to build relationships with your fans.
  • User generated content should be a top priority for any business looking to thrive in 2012. If your page doesn’t invite conversation, then you’re missing the whole point.
  • If you aren’t educated on the array of features Facebook has to offer, you won’t accurately maximize your efforts.

What Can A Professional Do?

  • Customer loyalty: A design company can maximize and reward your fans through customer loyalty programs.  They can set up contest, promotion, or content scheduling; thus allowing you to plan ahead of time and avoid long hours of confusing programming.
  • Ultimate customization: You may not fully understand the features embedded in the Facebook framework. A hired designer will get the most out of available tools such as RSS, videos, and other social networking feeds. Interconnectedness between all your web content is essential.
  • Content structure: Fans come to your page for content. If this is confusing or not laid out in the correct way, users will simply leave your page. A design company can get your interesting and informational content in the correct places. “A logical content hierarchy also acts as a guide through each page and creates a more enjoyable user experience,” reported

What’s Your Next Move?

If anything, a stagnant Facebook page is only hurting your business image. You spend so much time managing your brand, yet you can’t forget that your page is an integral part in that equation. A bad Facebook picture, poor layout, stale content and inattention to your fans will have negative effects on the overall health of your social media exposure and customer satisfaction. When you let a designer take the wheel, you can be sure that you’ll get customized content done right. In an over populated social media world, you want to stand out, not blend in.

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