Show, Don’t Tell: In the Battle for Eyeballs, Video is a Difference Maker

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video marketing for small businessesVideo may have killed the radio star, but it’s enhancing and transforming digital marketing as we know it.

Small businesses might think this doesn’t apply to them. Isn’t video for the big players with the resources and expertise to produce eye-catching visuals?

No longer is this the case. Now the playing field has been leveled, and small businesses have access to the tools and technologies with which they can  create visually dynamic and enticing content that can easily be shared by their followers and fans. It’s not merely a nice thing to do; it’s an imperative in this new world – be visual or risk invisibility.

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Video drives many important variables, including sales and conversions, and is a key part of any content marketing strategy. Consider this:

  •  8.2 million people in the US watched 52.4 billion online content videos in December 2013 (Tweet This!)
  •  The average American spent more than 19 hours watching online video (Tweet This Too!)

How to Incorporate Video Into Your Marketing Mix

In the age of Youtube, blogging, and podcasting, a pocket video camera is a must for any business engaged in social media and public relations. Most pocket video cameras resemble mobile phones in shape and size, but enable businesses to digitally record anything, anywhere, at a moment’s notice. Video quality is typically higher than for multimedia phones.

The same rules that apply to content creation are also pertinent to video production. Focus less on selling and more on providing information that is relevant to your target audience. Position your company as an expert source by sharing interesting statistics and insights.

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Once you’ve shot and edited your video, easy-to-use plug-ins can turn your video into an effective  lead-generation tool. The LeadPlayer WordPress Plugin, for example, provides opt-in boxes that appear at the beginning of a video. You can also insert a call-to-action into your video, a must-have. So, you think it’s beyond your technical aptitude? Not to worry – the company says implementation takes about 15 seconds for the uninitiated.

Utilizing Images, Too

Twitter recently changed its feed to accommodate images. Management saw the writing on the wall: 1.6 billion photos have been shared on Instagram, while Pinterest is the fastest growing social platform in the world. Facebook posts with pics generate 53 percent more “Likes.”

Searching for an image for a blog-post can be frustrating and time-consuming. Luckily, there are a number of resources to help small businesses find great photos and share them. Google Image is one option, but be cognizant of the copyright laws and appropriate uses. Compfight is another option. What makes it different is that it specializes in Creative Commons-licensed photos. Compfight also includes photos that can be used for commercial use. The best photos, of course, are authentic, not canned, and feature real-world customers  using your products.

Infographics and Memes

In addition to videos and photos, I’d be remiss if I didn’t touch on infographics and memes. An infographic is a format that enables companies to tell a story with illustrations, data, and copy. If you’re looking to create social buzz online, infographics are a must-have feature. Initially conceived as a technical document, they have become a content marketing mainstay that can attract and help convert new prospects.

A meme is short for “mimem,” a Greek word meaning “imitated thing.” In the digital marketing world, memes are images with one to two lines of text. A well produced meme connects with consumers that don’t have the time, or interest, to digest long articles. If you’re fortunate, memes can spread very fast and are renowned for going viral.

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In your quest for consumer engagement, start thinking outside the box when it comes to content. Challenge yourself this week: add an extra image to your social posts, brainstorm ideas for video pieces, or sign up for Which first step towards visual engagement will you take?

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