Small Businesses, Water Damage Claims And How a Loss Assessor Can Help

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floodIf you run a small business, major disasters like burst pipes, water damage and floods can have a devastating effect. Not only can it destroy valuable stock in the premises of your business, but it can also leave your business incapacitated for months. Not being able to trade is the biggest concern you should have as a small business, loss of profit can leave your business floundering – often resulting in having to close.

As a small business owner you  understand the importance of insurance, and I am in no doubt that you have sufficient cover for most eventualities. Many of us know  insurance companies do not always pay out the figures you expect them to – they are after all running a business themselves.

Your insurance company will have by now appointed a loss adjuster to ensure they only have to pay out what they believe you are entitled to. Any issues with the claim will unfortunately bring down the overall compensation  you will receive; the loss adjuster will be working for the insurance company – not your business. It is at this point  you should be thinking of independently hiring a loss assessor or claims management company to give your company the best fighting chance. The loss assessor is working for you, employed by you and has your businesses interests in mind at all times. A loss assessor will bring all the knowledge and understanding you would have been missing if you tried to process the claim yourself.

By employing a loss assessor to sort through all the small details you can be certain  your insurance company will not sell you short on your compensation. The loss assessor will fill in all the essential paperwork pertaining to your flood or water damage claim making sure nothing is missed out – and in doing so is securing a better financial future for your business.

The loss assessor will make use of their many years of experience to make certain  the insurance company has to pay out fairly in relation to your loss of profit so you can keep trading well into the future. It goes without saying if you have to make a flood insurance claim there are going to be many things  you are going to have to deal with other than just the claim.

Flood and water damage can cripple small businesses, often leaving them with no option but to fold if the insurance company does not pay out enough compensation. Make sure your company is not left stranded following such a disaster by enlisting the help of experienced and independent loss assessors.

Wayne Barker is the copywriter for Harris Balcombe – one of the leading loss assessors, claims recovery and claim management companies in the UK. Harris Balcombe specialise in water damage insurance claims, fire insurance claims and other business interruption insurance claims.

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2 thoughts on “Small Businesses, Water Damage Claims And How a Loss Assessor Can Help

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  2. avatarwater damage

    We recently had a slab leak in our home and have a lot of water damage downstairs and think we may have mold. I’m not sure if testing is a good idea or if we can assume we have mold due to the fact it was a pretty big flood? All our baseboards and drywall got wet about 4 feet up from the floor … total nightmare!

    I appreciate your helpful information.


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