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A solar eclipse or meteor shower are astrological phenomenon’s that most people miss simply because they had no idea that they were occurring.  Luckily, has created an information system that contacts people all over the world (even Antarctica) via their cell phones about coming events in the sky. This development, known as the Spaceweather PHONE, is a monthly service that simultaneously calls your phone and sends the user an email about upcoming events.

Spaceweather PHONE, as the website claims “is for everyone!,” because of its ability to be customized to fit exactly what a person wants to be alerted of. It provides two global alert options, the Space Weather Alerts, and the Backyard Astronomy Alerts. The Space Weather Alerts option costs $4.95 a month, and is perfect for anyone who enjoys star gazing or just wants to be updated on astronomic events.

The second option is a little more expensive at $6.95 a month, but provides the options most people would want to be informed of, such as when the space station is overhead, moon and planet updates, meteor showers and comet appearances. This feature, unlike the Space Weather option, also alerts users to unexpected occurrences, so they don’t miss a thing; making the Backyard Astronomy Alerts a great option for avid star gazers.

When your phone is alerted you will be greeted by the voice of NASA’s weather service provider Dr. Tony Phillips. As previously mentioned, the Spaceweather PHONE first calls the subscribers and then sends them an email if they cannot be reached. Spaceweather PHONE will call in instances of aurora lights, when planets align, storms, meteor shower alerts and when the space station is in close proximity.

Spaceweather PHONE can be useful beyond enjoyment according to their website. For example if you are a radio operator, having this service for your business phone system can help you find out about solar flares which can lead to radio station blackouts. Radio operators can also use Spaceweather to find out when the space station is in closest proximity and they can actually listen in on chatter from inside the orbiting station.

Photographers might also find the information provided useful so they can know in advance when potential photo opportunities are in the near future. And of course Spaceweather PHONE is ideal for astronomers and other stargazers as well.

Receiving phone calls every time something galactic happens may not be your idea of cell phone innovation, the development of Spaceweather PHONE just alludes to how phone systems are bridging humans to another arena, space.

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