Spammers Get Savvy: Are You Protected?

Posted by on March 9, 2010 in Business Management, Business Technology [ 0 Comments ]

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to have yourself or someone dedicated to keeping up on the latest malware and viruses hitting email inboxes.  If your company’s employees aren’t properly educated on what is going on, there could be a chance that your whole office could succumb to a virus.

We all know the “usual suspects” when it comes to spam, but what if they look like a reputable source like say The New York Times?  Well this is exactly what spammers are banking on these days.  According to DM News, the latest spammers are making their spam look like it is coming from The New York Time and American Airlines.

With technology evolving, so are these spammers and hackers—they are realizing people can recognize spam much better than say the early 90’s.  Because of this they are using any chance they can get to attack someone’s computer.

Another tip your employees should know is when a huge news story breaks, spammers will take advantage.  Only click on links from reputable news sites to ensure safety to your computer.

Don’t think spammers won’t use tragic events to get their virus out as well.  They have capitalized on both the tragic death of the Georgian Luger who died at the Vancouver Olympics, as well as the devastating Chile earthquake.  Both attacks used a video to lure their victims.

They also are using marketing tactics like SEO and social networking to get these videos ranking in the search engine. Roger Thompson, the chief research officer at AVG technologies told SC Magazine that, “These guys organize a campaign and they treat it like a business.”

Having a great anti-virus software package for your company’s computer network can help greatly.  Remember to protect all of your devices that are connected to the Internet.  If you use a VoIP phone system, or your POS system is connected to the Internet, make sure your anti-virus software is also scanning them.

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