Squeezing Those Extra Dollars To Make Them Count

Posted by on August 5, 2010 in Business Management, Internet Marketing, PPC [ 0 Comments ]

The marketing department has a tough job.  It needs to get the company’s message out to the right audience, and help generate revenue–but needs to be price conscious of their techniques as well.  Not everyone can afford thousands of dollars on commercial and print ad campaigns.  And even then those dollars might not generate a great ROI.

Many companies have decided to push back on their marketing efforts in an attempt to save money, when in fact they should do the opposite.  In a recent Tech Expo article ,CEO Jason Swenk of Solar Velocity, an Atlanta-based interactive marketing agency, stated, “it is hard to hear conversations, if you are in a noisy room of people talking. But, if no one is speaking, a whisper can be heard loud and clear. If your competition is not advertising your marketing dollars will go much further than you expect.”

Search engine marketing (SEM) tactics are a great way to get your message out to prospective clients.  A study conducted by eMarketer shows that, “search ad spending by small businesses increased only slightly over Q1, but was up 159% over last year. Small businesses also continued steadily upping the number of keywords they purchased.”  eMarketer goes on to predict, “that overall, US search ad spending will be up 15.7% this year, to $12.4 billion.”

Heather Phillipson, an online marketing manager at Overnightprints.com tells DM News that, “taking calculated risks by using unique catchphrases or memorable images can have a huge payoff.  People receive a lot of messages all the time…marketers need to cut through the clutter to be remembered.”

For some markets, social media is a great avenue to look into.  Before you jump into a social media campaign, you should first plan out what you want to accomplish by the campaign, and how you will measure its success.  If you don’t go in with a plan, how will you measure its effectiveness?

Email marketing campaigns are a great cost effective tactic.  It is easy to measure the open rate, and can provide great information for your clients.  Having a call to action for your clients will keep them engaged in your brand and get them excited about a new product or service.

What have you done to squeeze those extra dollars out of your marketing budget?  Let us know in the comments below.

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