Startup Tuesday: Mobile Making it Easy

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mobile businessMany small business bloggers and advice columnists construct startup advice with an opening cautionary warning that “Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone,” or a reminder that “No one said starting a business would be easy”.  On the flip side, these same content marketers are claiming that consumer-life is becoming increasingly convenient, with all necessities existing at the tip of their fingertips in a neat mobile-packaged device. This trend towards the mobile-dependent consumer can actually create a pleasant boomerang effect on entrepreneurs and startups: instead of high-risk, frustrating first-year failures, mobile might be providing some ease in starting and owning a business if done correctly.

A Mobile-Centered Startup Making it Easy

You’re an entrepreneur- we know you’ve done your research. But a reminder from the Pew Research Center never broke any bones. And a recap on the fact that 91% of Americans own a cell phone doesn’t hurt anyone either. Furthermore, 55-58% of these mobile-lovers have smartphones, enabling them to research, contemplate, and purchase anything their hearts desire en route to work, at the gym, or on the toilet. Shouldn’t you, as an entrepreneur, be included in this 91% of the population who are able to feel this fresh convenience? You bet. Forming a mobile-focused startup can make this whole “entrepreneurship” deal much, much easier.

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Mobile: Making it Easy to Increase Sales

Centering your startup around mobile immediately allows you to reach a target audience that dinosaur companies are scrambling to catch up to. Mobile-consumers are estimated to spend 38.4 billion dollars in mobile transactions this year, accounting for 15% of e-commerce sales. Rather than initially confining your sales outlets to in-person retail and desktop e-commerce, mobile has serendipitously provided you with another sales avenue- one that travels in the pockets of consumers everywhere they go. As most established companies are playing catch up with the move to mobile, rushing to convert and optimize their e-commerce website for mobile-usability, a business still in the infant stage has the opportunity to design a mobile- optimized site from the start.

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Mobile: Making it Easy to Cut Costs from the Start

Concentrating on mobile can cut down on many costs.  Depending on the business you have in mind, you don’t have to take out a loan to rent an office or a retail space to set up shop.  You can eliminate some supply, distribution, and employee costs. The lucky ones who have achieved this freedom of unnecessary costs are app-based startups.  Companies like Lyft, Nextdoor, and Getaround have seen great success from this model. From the get-go, these entrepreneurs did their research on what mobile-users wanted and created an application to solve their wants and/or needs. Companies like GonnaBe, a social-life management platform, recognized the busy schedules of social butterflies and strengthened their Achilles heel: the messy management part of being social. They aren’t the only business to revolve their mission statement around mobile app users either. Analysts estimate that app revenues could be US$20-25 billion in 2013; this could triple by 2017.

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 Let’s fill the proverbial glass half-full with encouragement for you entrepreneurs. Starting a business isn’t something to always shy away from. With the mobile audience at the foreground of your start-up idea, owning a business could be manageable with the right technology and mindset.
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