5 Tablet Features Your Mobile Sales Team Can’t Live Without

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tablet features salesBusinesses had purchased 13 million tablets by the end of 2012 – not counting the businesses implementing BYOD policies – and that number is expected to reach 53 million by 2016 according to Gartner estimates. (Tweet this stat!)

Tablets provide your business’s mobile sales team with a wide variety of tools and functionality. As part of your business’s own mobile sales strategy, be sure to add the right features to get the most out of your tablets.

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Mobile POS App

There are a variety of apps that your sales team can install – 700,000 in both each of the Google and Apple app stores – but the one that is central to keeping your mobile sales team going is the mobile POS app. With a mobile POS app installed on their tablet, your sales team can instantly process purchases and accept payments no matter where they’re located.

  • When your mobile POS is integrated with your on-premise POS, your team can check inventory levels, track shipping, monitor or adjust orders, and figure out their revenues for the day, week, or month.
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Credit Card Reader

Mobile credit card readers are small dongles that plug into your tablet’s USB port and transmit swiped card information to the POS system’s credit card processer. The benefits include:

  • Transactions go quickly – within seconds – as opposed to several minutes for the salesperson to type in the credit card number correctly.
  • Your credit card processing provider will charge you a much lower rate for swiped transactions as opposed to keyed transactions.

Mobile CRM Integration

As your sales team travels to visit events, venues, and clients, they both utilize and accrue large amounts of information about your customers. If they can’t access the information they need when they’re in front of a customer, they won’t make the sale.

Furthermore, while waiting the hours or days to get back to the office, your sales team will lose or forget vital information about each of their customers that is necessary for increasing the lifetime value of each customer.

  • Your customer relationship management (CRM) software should be accessible on your sales teams’ tablets – either through an app provided by the software company, or through a cloud-based CRM SaaS solution.

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Although most tablets aren’t outfitted with cellular call capabilities, you can circumvent the problem with a mobile VoIP app. Rather than using a wireless signal, the VoIP app transmits data over the tablet’s wireless  internet or data connection.

Employees can use a Bluetooth headset, wired headset, or speakerphone in order to make their calls. With a VoIP app installed directly on the tablet, you can keep tighter communications with your sales team while they’re out of the office. You can even use the app to send each other files, and place a video call through the tablet’s built-in webcam.

Security Features

Tablets are lightweight, convenient, and valuable – which means they have a greater propensity for getting lost or stolen than many other lower-tech sales tools. The confidential sales and customer data saved on the tablet can be a security risk if the tablet falls into unscrupulous hands.

Take precautions ahead of time to increase the security of your sales team’s tech:

  • Install a theft-recovery and device-tracking program, such as LoJack, on your tablets. In case of loss or theft, the device can be physically located via GPS. It can also be wiped, frozen, or have data retrieved remotely.
  • Get more security tips in Using a Mobile POS… The Secure Way.

With the right features installed, tablets can help your mobile sales team process transactions faster, close more sales, and keep in better contact with your office while they’re on the go.


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