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business blogging ideasWriting a good blog post is relatively easy for even the new blogger. Choose a topic in your niche, spell it out in a clear and concise way, and your job is done. However, in an overcrowded blogosphere, you have to stand out as best you can. It’s time to create even better content, to add value to your readers and your blog.

“Successful bloggers have to keep their heads around many different aspects of the medium – but at its core is being able to write compelling and engaging content on a consistent basis over time.”



The first step to your best blog post is to have laser focus. It’s easy to have three things going in the background while slapping together a post for the sake of creating new content. However, if you could narrow down your focus, you’d find that writing a great post takes half the time, and the content is much better. How do you hone in your attention?

  • Close any program you don’t need. Sign out of Facebook and Twitter, and focus solely on the material and necessary websites.
  • Write the blog title and sub headers before you start. This acts as your outline and will allow you to write faster and tighter content.
  • Consider listening to light background music with headphones. This shuts out other distracting noises allowing you to direct all your attention to the writing process.


While great content is necessary to any successful blog, people often associate with photos even more than the text itself. Images can break up a dense article or add value and visuals to an instructive post. According to ProBlogDesign.com, “Images enhance the visual impact of a blog and make it more likely a post will be read. One good photo can grab a reader’s attention and drive them to the article.”

  • Utilize photos as a visual aid for step by step tutorials.
  • Always place a relevant photo at the beginning of your post. This attracts readers more than black and white text would.
  • Bulk up a shorter post with some visually stimulating pictures.


Other than photos and great text, there are a number of ways to take your post from good to great. The strategy here should be adding items that make the post more inviting or engaging. Readers want to interact with your content, not just read it.

  • Polls: Adding a poll to the end of your article gives readers something to do with the information they just read. Be sure that it’s relevant and adding value, not taking away.
  • Questions: Ask questions at the end of every post. Make your readers think and give them a reason to pipe up in the comment section.
  • Links: Putting links to other pages on your site gets the reader moving around your blog, while getting all the information necessary to make the story complete. Be sure you link to relevant content to make this work for you.

Writing good content is your first step in the right direction. Once you’ve gotten a base of readers and a good influx of traffic, it’s time to step up your game. You can bring everyone to the post, but without great, engaging content, you can’t expect them to stay, or even come back. It’s time you take your posts to the next level of greatness.

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2 thoughts on “Take Your Blog Posts From Good To Great

  1. avatarparker

    I think the most important part of your blog is title, as you said because title only makes your blog more readable, attracts the attention of visitors.

  2. avatarJessica Sanders

    Parker, I’m glad you agree. That is absolutely correct. Thanks so much for checking out the post! :)

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