Tasks Every Small Business Owner Should Delegate

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small business tipAs a business owner, you’re familiar with the many hats you wear as you work diligently to run and grow a small business.  However, as you oversee each and every detail of every task, it can sometimes seem like you can’t focus on the most important issues at hand.  To help with this, try to think about your business vision.  You may need to take a step back and hand over some of your responsibilities.  Through delegation, you can devote your time to bigger ideas such as strategic growth.  Here are the top tasks every small business owner should delegate.

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Social Media

Take this one off your plate as soon as possible.  Of course, continue to oversee the large message you are displaying through your social media accounts.  But go ahead and delegate the task of publishing posts and tweets so that’s off of your list of to-do’s.  While you’re at it, go ahead and have that person write the posts and manage the content publication calendars too.


The blood of your business lies in the flow of cash.  So knowing what’s due and what must be paid will forever remain important to your business.  Bookkeeping, invoicing and other administrative tasks can easily be passed to your office manager, or even outsourced.  If you decide to go the route of outsourcing, make sure you have instant, easy access to review your accounts.

IT Support

The maintenance of your software systems requires a hefty chunk of time.  Delegate this task to someone in house that is educated when it comes to computer systems.  If none of your current employees fit the bill, outsource to a third party.  Data from SurePayroll tells us that from May 2007 and May 2012, the percentage of employees who are independent contractors has grown a staggering 85 percent.  Growth is fueled by technology improvements, so IT support is essential.

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Customer Service

After guidelines for effective customer service are established, you don’t have to be the first point of contact for each and every interaction with the customer.  Entrust an employee with knowledge of your products and services to answer customers’ questions and concerns.  Make sure your staff has strong personal skills too.

Production and Labor

If you have more business than you’re able to keep up with, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.  But if your resources are stretched thin and you continue to offer business, you may risk less than high quality work and make your employees feel burdened.  If you get in this situation, consider contacting out another business to help with production or labor.  This allows you to grow your business, take on new customers and continue to provide excellent products and services.

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Sometimes it’s hard to step back and let others help you when you’ve worked hard to build your business.  However, delegating tasks to can help you focus on growing your business into one that’s well known and loved.

How have you decided which tasks are best to do yourself, and which are worth delegating? When has delegating worked well for your business?

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