Thanks is an Important Follow-Up Strategy

Posted by on September 23, 2008 in Marketing, Sales 2.0 [ 1 Comment ]

Saying thank you is a key part of your follow-up marketing strategies. Send a hand-written note, a short email or pick up the phone and express your thanks quickly and sincerely.

Everyone loves to be appreciated and it goes a long way in fostering a good relationship. Don’t forget you can always send a small token appreciation as well, such as a magazine, movie tickets, online gift card – use your imagination!

Here are some instances where you could be expressing a heartfelt thank you:


  • say thanks to the person who gave you the referral, right after you’ve spoken or met with referred person, even if no business immediately comes out of it. If you do end up getting a new client from the referral, then send another quick note thanking the referring person again.

someone gives you a great piece of information

  • always show your appreciation for anything useful (ie. a person’s name, a link, book, article) someone passes along your way – it shows they were thinking of you and a thank you shows them the same consideration


  • always thank people for taking the time to provide a testimonial – they’re willing to publicly endorse you, so the least you can do is tell them how much you appreciate it

someone compliments you

  • if someone gives you a great compliment, acknowledge it and return the gesture to them if you can

when you get a new client

  • your hand-written note will make them feel confident about engaging you and assures them they’ve made a smart decision

when a project, program or service ends

  • a sincere thank you at the end of your “time” together expresses your appreciation and also increases the chances that they will engage your services again

Start taking advantage of opportunities to say thanks to people you encounter in your business life and you’ll start reaping the monetary and emotional satisfaction that will occur!

One thought on “Thanks is an Important Follow-Up Strategy

  1. avatarKris Bovay

    Here I thought I was the only one I knew who did this! I’ve been sending handwritten thank you cards to people who do something that is out of their way for a number of years. It makes me feel good to give the recognition, and I feel good when I receive that thank you (even if it is by phone, voice mail or email). I’m glad you validated this approach. Thanks!

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