The ABC’s of Your Cross Channel 1:1 Marketing Plan

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The ABC’s to Your Cross Channel 1:1 Marketing Plan

1:1 marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your message across to your target market. Here is a step-by-step process to follow.

A: Acquire a solid list for your first general out reach. You can do this by purchasing a targeted list. The size of the list will be determined by the number of warm leads needed and budget.

B. Build a strong marketing piece that will include some level of personalization, whether this is a postcard or a letter. You can utilize Variable Data Printing (VDP) which enables you to design one piece and alter a variety of data on that piece and have it print digitally on the same run. Ensure that this general outreach piece has a strong call to action or offer.

For an even better response rate, include a personal URL, allowing recipients to respond through a unique web site that enables you to capture additional data.

C. Call back those that respond, whether through the personalized URL, phone or email, within 48 hours of their response, showing a high-level of service. You can respond with an email, but calling directly allows you to establish a stronger relationship.

Tips for a successful 1:1 Campaign

1. If you do not have a good list to start with, be sure to use a reputable list company to purchase your initial list. Often times, your printer can coordinate your list purchase. You should use as many parameters to ensure you are reaching your target, such as: age range, household income (HHI), net worth, zip codes, owns home, etc.

2. When you design your direct mail piece, make sure to include:

a. A strong headline and graphic that will grab attention

b. Provide just enough to entice a response without offering too much information.

c. Have a very clear Call to Action, preferably direct recipients to a unique web site, email or phone number, so you can track the response rate.

d. Double check all your contact info to ensure accuracy

3. When following up, make sure you have a list of prepared questions that allow you to gather more information that will be helpful in future communications. Ensure that other employees that may have contact with recipients have some knowledge of the campaign and can answer some basic questions.

Benefit of 1:1 Marketing

· A single message across multiple platforms solidifies your message.

· Since you are not constantly reinventing the wheel you are saving money on the development.

· The outreach is cost effect – targeted lists = smaller runs = less postage, printing, etc.

· You save time because you only respond to warm leads with a higher rate of conversion.

· Building a strong database for future outreach

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