The Best On-the-Go Business Management Apps

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business management appThanks to modern technology, business managers have abundant tools at their disposal that make managing a business through mobile applications easy and efficient. Check out the apps in the five following categories to see if you can benefit.

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Keeping Inventory recommends several different apps to help you track inventory. Lettuce, for example, is a standout inventory management app. It also integrates with other systems, such as payment processing and order capture. Inventory Tracker does just what the name implies, plus some extra features. This app helps you keep track of payments and shipments, and export data to spreadsheets. Other available tools on Inventory Tracker are barcode scanner support and database backup.

Tracking Accounting

A list of the 4 Best Accounting Apps for Small Business mentions QuickBooks Online and LessAccounting as handy apps to help you keep tabs on finances for your business. Both are web-based apps with mobile counterparts. LessAccounting can connect to your online accounts and PayPal, and it’s particularly useful as a budgeting tool. QuickBooks doesn’t link to your accounts, but the mobile program automatically syncs with your online account so you’re never without a way to quickly enter data. The online version of QuickBooks will take some adjustment if you’re used to the desktop version, but the mobility is worth the effort of a little re-learning.

Implementing Marketing

It takes teamwork and planning to reach out to customers in a meaningful way. posted a list of some of the best apps to help businesses carry out sound marketing strategies, among which are Podio and Hootsuite. Podio is an app that will allow your marketing team to work effectively on projects from different locations.  Hootsuite helps you manage all of your social media accounts, so you can easily keep track of what interests your customers. With Hootsuite you can also pre-plan your posts and track feedback.

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Increasing Sales

If you use SAP customer relationship management software, Sybase Mobile Sales will come in handy for you. It lets you connect to your SAP account from anywhere so managing accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities becomes a breeze. One of the top sales apps for iPad, Handshake Sales Order Manager simplifies the process of creating sales orders. Once you enter images and descriptions of your products into its database, you can automatically generate sales orders. It’s quicker and gives a more professional appearance than writing the orders by hand.

Monitoring Security

Keep the office safe even when you are away with the ADT Pulse app. You can remotely arm or disarm your security system, control the thermostat, and receive important alerts. If you aren’t an ADT customer, go to to investigate the possibility.  Protecting sensitive information from the wrong eyes is also a priority, and mSecure Password Manager helps you do just that. It stores and encrypts important passwords, account numbers, even social security numbers. It will also help you keep your accounts secure by generating strong passwords.

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It’s not hard to keep the world — and your business — at your fingertips all the time. The aforementioned apps will help you to seamlessly manage your business wherever you are.

 Author Bio: JT Ripton is a freelance writer who focuses on topics relating to security and technology.  He writes for and you can follow him on Twitter @JTRipton.

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