The Business Case For Blogs

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In my line of work as a Denver-based internet marketing consultant, I’m often asked for my opinion about business blogging. My response – “I’m all for it.”

Here’s why developing a blog makes sense for nearly any business (large or small):

  • Authenticity. Blogs, when used correctly, are a reflection of the culture, values, and personality of the business they represent. As every business owner knows, when you make a friend, you make a customer for life. People want authentic friends.
  • Blogs access and build community. As the internet grows and evolves, one thing is certain – our concept of “community” has forever changed. No longer are communities constrained by geography – online communities bring together people with similar interests from all around the world. If you want to participate in these online communities – either by contributing to the conversation or if you’re merely looking for acceptance – you need to interact on the same level.
  • Search engine benefits. Search engines LOVE blogs – especially blogs that are updated on a consistent and regular basis. There’s an extra bonus for blogs with multiple authors too. More search engine traffic means more free visitors to your company website…and more sales.
  • Blogs influence buying decisions. Jupiter Research managed to quantify the value of blogging – you can read the summary on the blog, but here are the highlights:
  • According to the study, blogs factor in to critical stages of the purchase process, weighing most heavily at the actual moment of a purchase decision. When it comes to respondents who said they have trusted blog content for purchase decisions in the past, over half (52 percent) say blogs played a role in the critical moment they decided to move forward with a purchase.

In summary, blogging is a highly effective tool for marketing your business online. If you want to learn more about it, visit Resource Nation’s online marketing business center or creating a business blog at

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