The Hundred Dollar Bill Gets a Makeover

Posted by on April 23, 2010 in Business News, Legal Matters for Business [ 0 Comments ]

If you are a retailer, you should be aware the $100 bill just got a security upgrade, but won’t be out in circulation until Feb. of 2011. The new security features are designed in the hopes of warding off counterfeiters.

“The $100 note is the most widely circulated and most often counterfeited denomination outside the U.S,” reports the official press release announcing the new changes.  Two of the most talked about features are the, “3-D Security Ribbon and the Bell in the Inkwell. These security features are easy for consumers and merchants to use to authenticate their currency.”

The back of the bill also will be seeing some changes–there now will be a new vignette of Independence Hall from the back view of the building (previously it was the front of the hall).  Another change will be the enlargement of the portrait of Benjamin Franklin and the new Independence Hall will be enlarged as well.

Hopefully this security upgrade will make it that much easier for merchants to recognize counterfeit bills, and won’t take a long time to deduce if it is.  We all will have to wait until next year to find out for sure, but it seems technology has lent its hand to upgrading the $100 bill.

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