The iPhone Gets a Makeover

Posted by on April 13, 2010 in Business News [ 0 Comments ]

Apple’s new iPhone 4G is causing quite a stir in the tech community. It hasn’t even been released and there are already countless rumors milling about what the phone will offer. To answer the rumors, Apple released information on some of the key features of the phone, which has answered their consumer’s call.

Many experts believe this new phone will have features to attract customers who never have had an iPhone as well as previous users who will upgrade just for the additional benefits of the new phone. Apple’s strategy of developing innovative products that consumers “must-have”  has worked in their favor to outperform the competition and solidify the company as the leader in the industry.

The lack of multitasking in the current iPhone spurred Apple developers to action by creating a multitasking ability with the new iPhone. With this feature now available, the iPhone 4G can run up to 12 apps simultaneously. Additional features, which customers have demanded from Apple, include a book reader to compete with the emerging iBook industry. Apple’s new iPad can link with the iPhone so readers don’t lose their page when swapping between the devices.

There of course is one outlier to the great new features: iAds, a component of the operating system which offers “interactive” ads to iPhone users. While Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder, promises the ads will make you want to click them due to the “interaction” and “emotion” of the ads, I can’t imagine they would be wanted by any computer, television or phone user.

Whether you are an Apple newbie or an Apple loyalist, the new phone is sure to change the cell phone game, again. This phone has consistently lived up to the hype and has delivered great features and apps to benefit the masses time and time again. Apple has always been able to create a buzz with its products, which are sure to deliver more success for the legendary company.

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