The Mechanics of Follow-Up Marketing – Part II

Posted by on October 1, 2008 in Marketing [ 2 Comments ]

There are 8 components that will help you make the most of your follow-up marketing strategies and ensure they are as effective as possible.  Here are 3 more of the components you need to pay attention to.

Follow up needs to be consistent

Not only does follow up need to be frequent, it needs to be consistent.

As with any marketing strategy you choose to do, if you do not do it on a regular basis and do it haphazardly, then that’s what you’ll get in return – haphazard results.

Remember that marketing (including follow up) is about building a relationship and if people hear from you a couple times and then not for a few months, they’re not going to get a warm, fuzzy feeling about you.  Consistently following up shows people that you value them, are reliable and committed to providing a service to them.

Follow up needs to build momentum

Frequency and consistency with follow-up marketing allows for momentum to occur.  I define momentum in marketing as each strategy and communication builds on each other and are linked together.

For example, you might start your second email by saying, “8 days ago I sent you an email…”   Or after they’ve purchased a product or downloaded an ebook, send them a handful of emails that highlight something specific about the product or in the report that can help them.

Referencing the previous communication links what you’re saying with what you’ve already said, and reminds your prospect that you care enough to continue the conversation.

Follow up needs to be organized

To ensure that your follow-up marketing is consistent, you need to organize it by putting it in your calendar and on your to-do list.

When you carve out time in your daily and weekly schedule for follow-up activities, then you go a long way towards actually doing them!  How many of us get things done that we haven’t made time for?  Not very many of us I’ll bet!

So put a half-hour aside each Friday to write some thank you notes, and schedule an hour each Monday to write your weekly ezine, and an hour every second Wednesday to write a new email message to send to your list.

2 thoughts on “The Mechanics of Follow-Up Marketing – Part II

  1. avatarKris Bovay

    Good reminders of the importance of follow-up marketing. When I was more actively involved in the marketing efforts of businesses I’ve owned and worked with, the rule of thumb in terms of follow up was that within 2 weeks of a mailing or other contact (in person, by phone, online, etc.) you needed to follow up … or you might become easily forgotten. Do you recommend any specific time-frame for follow up?

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