Marketing Fun Friday: The Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends of 2013

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content social mobile marketingStaying on top of the latest marketing trends is never easy. New technologies, a shifting consumer purchase process, and other new opportunities all influence the malleability of the marketing landscape. While the top trends in marketing change, year after year, e.g. video ad spend turning away from TV and to online channels, this year, there are three standouts that can’t be ignored. Social, local and mobile marketing are musts, as are content marketing and authorship. Here’s why.

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SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile)

Customers are on-the-go; there’s no doubt about it. SoLoMo is on the minds of many marketers. Customers are using social media, turning to sites such as Yelp! and Foursquare to find things near their current location, and they’re using their mobile phones to do these things among others. Depending on your industry and who your customers are, different networks and tactics will be needed. Take a look into your webmaster tools, such as Google Analytics, to see where your traffic is coming, i.e. from social media, and what browsers your users are using, i.e. Android, iOS, to develop a strategy that enhances your presence in those areas.

  • Tip: At the very least, get on social media and claim your business listing on Yelp!, Foursquare and Google. Having a presence where your customers are located is the first step, especially for businesses who don’t have the budget to optimize their site for smartphone and tablet users.

Content Marketing

A widely used and written about buzzword of 2013, content marketing is a top trend this year. Consumers are using the information available online to make decisions before they walk into a store or speak with a sales rep. Studies show that 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers are using content to connect and engage with their customers. Infographics, newsletters, videos, case studies and white papers are just a few of the options you can consider.

  • Tip: Don’t just jump into content marketing. Develop a strategy that focuses on creation, curation, distribution and measurement. Where are your customers, what are their interests, and white types of content will be the most effective in helping you reach your goals?

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People want to feel a connection and, in most cases, it is easier to connect with another person that it is a business. This human element and its impact on interest and engagement is something search engines are beginning to highlight more. On Google, an author’s photo, when using appropriate tagging, can appear alongside their work in search results. Setting up authorship is relatively easy. In the future, topic authority may come into play. Think about it this way, if you see the same person every time you search a specific topic, it’s likely they have some expertise in the space. Authorship, and topic authority, can establish someone within your company as a thought leader and your business as a trusted resource.

  • Tip: Whenever possible, make sure you’re tagging your name and posts with the “rel=author” tag and that you’re updating your “Contributor To” section within your Google+ profile.

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The marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Budgets and goals shift on a regular basis as businesses figure out what’s working, what’s not, and embrace new opportunities. As with every aspect of your business, getting started with a new marketing strategy requires planning. Jumping in could cost your business a pretty penny and, chances are, won’t leave you with the results you’re after. If your business is looking for areas to improve when it comes to its marketing strategy, consider whether or not you’ve truly optimized each of these areas.

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