This Weeks Top 5 Business Investment Articles

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payrollYesterday, our newsletter went over the new tax laws that affect small businesses.  To go further with that topic, we have compiled a list of the top five business investment articles from the past week. Whether your company is investing in new employees to spark growth, or just trying to get back on your feet after the recession, staying current with the economic climate is critical. Here are the top business investment articles of the past week to give your company a barometer for investment strategy.

How to Plan for Hiring and Payroll in 2011 [Inc.] “Many companies are still intent on doing more with less. Of the 28,000 jobs added to the U.S. economy in September, the majority of the gain was temporary help. Though they are considered a leading indicator of future hiring, temp workers are like a faucet companies can turn on and off to control fixed costs.”

U.S. Payrolls Could Have Been Up About 240,000, Greenlaw Says [Bloomberg Businessweek] The US job count is growing substantially, and a revised report shows that it may be growing faster than previously thought. “Today’s report is a very positive signal and an indication that we are heading in the right direction. The August and September job counts were revised higher by a combined 110,000 workers.”

How to Get Financing When Banks Won’t Lend [Inc.] Businesses are getting more creative with how they pool capital. According to Inc. they are reaching out to customers to crowd source their funding. They also are sourcing CSA financing which they pay businesses a lump sum at the beginning of the year in exchange for a business offering. Direct Public Offerings have became much more popular as well, “regulators in 47 states have been allowing businesses to raise up to $1 million a year through shares priced as low as $1.”

When to Ask Parents for a Business Investment [The New York Times] Your may laugh at the title, but for startups that are stretched thin on budget this is no laughing matter. This article provides a resource for that “last option” to finance the pursuit of your business dream.

Gibbs Says Obama ‘Open’ to Talks on Renewing Tax Cuts [Bloomberg Businessweek] President Obama has small business relief as his focus. He has been traveling to small businesses across the nation to brief on the accomplishments and forecasts for small businesses. The President reported that easier to access loans and tax relief are a direct response from Congress’s 16 different tax cuts over the past couple years.

These top 5 investment articles hope to give you a look at recent economic news from congress, and tips for investing in your own business. In summary, small businesses are seeing growth for their internal business. We are seeing an influx of new jobs, and as Obama sets to renew tax cuts, it remains to be seen where small business will benefit.

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