Tips for Hiring and Empowering Great Employees

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hiring and employee management tips

Building a team of trustworthy employees is essential to lead and grow a successful business. While easier said than done, it’s essential to find employees with the right values, a positive attitude and motivation to comprise the foundation of your business team. Once you’ve found the right employees, you must relax and relinquish some of the responsibility to those individuals. The right team will make it easier for you to learn to take a step back and empower your employees so you can turn your focus on building your business. Here are four tips for hiring and empowering great employees.

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Consider contracting employees prior to hiring.

Employees working under a contract are a perfect way to assess their work ethic prior to officially hiring them as a permanent part of your team. Bring on an individual and get a feel for their personality and values. After as little as a couple weeks, you’ll be able to tell if an employee is a good fit for your company or not.

Learn how to take a step back.

When you begin your business you’ll be wearing a lot of hats – no doubt there. But if you want to grow your business, learning to let go is a must. Remember that you’re a leader of your business, but you need to trust people, give them some room to make decisions and allow them to learn on their own. Instead of peering over their shoulder and micromanaging every move, empower them to learn on their own through experience and the feedback you provide.

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Encourage decision-making among employees.

As you learn to let go, you must also grant your employees decision-making authority. Find a balance as you give your employees new tasks and learn to trust them instead of constantly monitoring their performance. You’ll also find your customers are increasingly satisfied when your employees have the power to answer their questions. Customers don’t like to wait forever for approval about every little thing.

Hire those with the right attitude.

Sometimes people with the right attitude and values are much more important than hiring someone with an impressive resume. As long as people possesses similar core values as you and have the ability to learn, chances are you can teach them what they need to know in the business. Just remember, motivation matters for small businesses. Your employees need to possess that inner drive to succeed to help your business thrive.

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The right employees can help your business soar to new levels. Seek out employees that share your core values and those who possess a positive attitude and desire to work hard. Soon you’ll have a team you can trust so you can concentrate on building your business.

What hiring challenges has your business encountered and how were you able to overcome these?


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