Top 10 Big Boss CEOs In The USA

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entrepreneurIf you have ever thought that you could manage a huge company and build a billion dollar fortune at that same time, then you are probably a lot like the people on this list. With few exceptions, they have a mind for business and a determination to succeed. Maybe one of them can inspire you to follow through on your million dollar business idea.

Bill Gates – The famous founder of Microsoft is a high school dropout from the state of Washington. He is worth more then 53 billion dollars. Currently he and his wife Melinda spend their time working to tackle education and health issues all over the world. Gates dropped out of Harvard University prior to founding Microsoft in his garage. He is married with three children.

Warren Buffet – Worth more than 46 billion dollars, Warren Buffet owns Berkshire Hathaway which has interests in a wide range of companies including Geico Insurance, Fruit of the Loom, R.C, Willey, Anheuser-Busch, Coca Cola, and Wells Fargo. Buffet has already marked the vast majority of his wealth to go to charity, rather then to his children, when he passes. Buffet has a Bachelor of Arts & Science degree from the University of Nebraska and a Master of Science degree from Columbia University. He is widowed with three children.

Sheldon Andelson – As number three on the list of CEOs’, he is less then half as rich as Buffet and only one-third as wealthy as Gates. However, his more then 20.5 billion dollar gambling ventures in Las Vegas is still very impressive. Sheldon is considered an expert in the business of running conventions in Vegas, rather then focusing on actual gambling. He recently won the right to a gambling licence in Singapore and is building a resort and convention center there. He began his business career by borrowing $200 from an uncle to start a newspaper selling business when he was only 12 years old. He is also a college drop out from the City College of New York. Sheldon has been married twice and has five children.

Lawrence Joseph Ellison – The founder of Oracle Systems spends much of his time enjoying his 19.5 billion dollars rather then working to make more. However, he still runs the company that has  more then 18,000 employees and continually adds new tech companies to their portfolio. He has said that he does not need more money because no one needs that much money. He is a drop out of the University of Illinois and has been married four times and has three children. He recently took back a gift he had promised to Harvard University as part of an insider trading suit settlement.

Paul Gardner Allen – This 53 year old bachelor is one of the founder’s of Microsoft and the owner of the Seattle Seahawks. He also owns a professional basketball team, the Portland Trail Blazers. Allen started Microsoft with Bill Gates but left in 1983 when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. He owns a holding company that has invested in companies like DreamWorks and Charter Communications. In addition to regularly selling and buying stock in companies he enjoys playing with big boy toys that include his on 413-foot yacht, 2 helicopters, a submarine, and a vintage military aircraft collection.

Jim Walton – Jim is the son of it’s founder Sam Walton and still runs the company from their headquarters in the state of Arkansas. He is worth more just over 15 billion dollars. Currently he runs the family banking business and is married with four children.

Christy Walton – Along with her family, Christy Walton is worth just over 15 billion dollars. She is the widow of John Walton who died in an aircraft crash and was the son of Sam Walton. She has one child from that marriage. Christy has seen her fortune decrease slightly as Wal-Mart stock decreased along with the global recession, however she is still a billionaire so she probably will not be working the register any time soon.

S Robson Walton – Another heir to the Wal-Mart throne, S Robson is also a son of Sam Walton and is worth around 15.6 billion dollars. He has been married twice and has three children. He holds a Bachelor of Arts and Science from the University of Arkansas and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Columbia University. He is the first lawyer for Wal-mart and their current chairman.

Michael Dell – The name should tell you what this guy is famous for, Dell computers. They are the largest maker of personal computers in the world. You can probably look around any office and see his name emblazoned on several pieces of equipment. He dropped out of the University of Texas at Austin to open his company and is married with four children. Even though he made most of his cash through Dell the vast majority of his wealth is no actually held in private investments outside of the computer giant.

Alice L Walton – Yet another Wal-Mart heir rounds out the top ten US CEO’s. However, Ms. Walton does not actually do much for the company other then collect a check. She currently lives in Texas and raises horses on a ranch. Alice has been married and divorced twice and is a graduate of Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

Even though there are a few heirs on the list from the Wal-Mart empire the majority of these billionaires had to work hard to earn their cash. People like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are spending their fortunes doing good works all over the world while others are simply having fun. From owning yachts to running charities these CEOs are making the most of their money and their lives. If we can learn anything from these success stories it is to follow our bliss so, maybe someday you too will be on a list just like this.

This article was written by personal finance writer Timothy Ng from Sydney, Australia. He is genuinely passionate about helping people compare credit cards and helping them through researching to find the best credit card.

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