Top 10 Coolest Business Card Ideas

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business cardsFrom simple and understated; creative to bright, your business cards say a lot about you and the way you do business.

They can be great tools for networking and providing people you meet with all the necessary information about your business. Simply stated; your business card should accurately reflect the innovator you are.

The days of simple black-and white printed cards are over, and some companies are pushing the boundaries far beyond the traditional 3.4”x 2.1” Here are 10 of the coolest ideas for business cards that we’ve seen lately.

1. Fold it up.

Make your business card transform into something else either by breaking it apart or folding it up. Brazilian cargo company Tam Cargo made their card capable of popping up into a little shipping box. (Source:

box business card

2. Use different materials

Because cardstock is so boring. Consider making your “cards” (cookies, or cupcakes) out of something edible and printing them with non-toxic ink if you run a bakery.

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3. Give it a function

Sometimes you can actually transform your business card into something that has a function other than to supply your contact information. Ramiro Pareja Veredas made a functional circuit board business card that plugs into USB ports! (Source:

usb port

4. Make a stamp

This way, you can turn anything you want into your business card! Make it artistic and colorful while still including your business information. (Source:

stamp business card

5. Make it your product

Or, at least look like your product. For example, Flow Yoga center’s business card rolls up just like a yoga mat! Design your card or even shape it like the product you are distributing. (Source:

make it work like your product

6. Include extras

People like to break things apart and put them back together, so consider making interactive cards that people can pull out, uncover, or detach. Look to interactive children’s books for ideas!

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7. Use texture

Raise the text or images on your card. Adding the sense of touch to your business card might increase the chance of the receiver keeping and using it.

8. Incorporate games

Consider games like word jumbles or clues to have the viewer crack the code of your business information. Be sure not to make it too difficult, or they could get it wrong! (Source: Flickr)

business card game

9. Create an illusion

You want this to entertains the viewer without making them queasy. Using line patterns or layers of color can give your card another level of dimension and help it stand out.

10. Make it clear

Maybe it’s the way of the future, but people tend to be drawn to things that are see-through.  Print your cards on clear plastic mixed with blocks of color, or use negative-space to draw the viewer’s eye to­- and through­- your card.

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