Top 10 Social Networks for Entrepreneurs

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Online social networking is a great way for entrepreneurs to gain exposure, promote their ideas and meet other creative and business-minded people who can help them achieve their goals. In today’s information era, a good knowledge of online social networks is almost mandatory for anyone who wishes to successfully launch their own business.

Networking sites are a good online marketing tool to help you find other entrepreneurs to partner-up with. They also allow you keep track of growing trends and business news. Here is a top 10 list of the best social networking sites geared towards business owners and entrepreneurs.

1. Entrepreneur Connect

Entrepreneur Connect is a networking site created over a year ago by Entrepreneur Media (publishers of Entrepreneur Magazine). You can create your own profile and explore an online community specifically geared towards small business owners and entrepreneurs. The site discourages self-promotion and encourages the open sharing of ideas and resources. Thus, it is a great place to find suppliers, partners and service providers. You can also create your own online business group and start your own blog.

2. Killer Startups

Killer Startups is a site that allows you to look at and review new startup companies as they emerge. Each day has a new list, so that you can see what other entrepreneurs are doing, and maybe get some ideas of your own.

3. Konnects

Konnects is a good site for those looking to advertise themselves. It helps you stay connected with business partners and friends, and gives your profile exposure to potential partners or investors. Self-promotion is definitely encouraged.

4. Young Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs today are getting younger and younger, in large part as a result of our increasingly technology-based economy. Young Entrepreneur caters to young and aspiring business people. The site is essentially a forum for community discussions, the topics of which range from search engine optimization to internet and IT technology. This is also a good place to blog and find business-related videos.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is probably the most well known networking site for professionals. It is useful for anyone who is looking for a job or trying to connect with possible business partners. You can put up a profile and join a variety of online business groups. The LinkedIn “On Startups” group is by far the most popular on the site, boasting over 54,000 members. Participate actively in the LinkedIn Answers section and get your profile noticed by becoming a key member of your online community.

6. Ziggs

Ziggs can be likened to an online white pages service. You can search for service providers, suppliers and other members of the business community, depending on your needs. It is a great way to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and get help with that brilliant new startup you’ve been planning for months now. Set up a detailed profile as well, so that other professionals who are searching for your services can find you.

7. StartUpNation

What makes StartupNation useful is its unique content. It has articles, forums, podcasts, blogs, on-demand seminars and various other tools to help entrepreneurs learn about their business and be better prepared to make informed decisions. The topics discussed at StartupNation include marketing and business planning as well as online businesses. There are also site sponsored competitions like the dorm-based 20 contest and the elevator pitch competition. If you’re looking to become a successful business owner, StartupNation, with its comprehensive and dynamic approach to business networking, is a must see.


8. Cofoundr

Cofoundr caters to people with new ideas for online ventures. This site brings together programmers, entrepreneurs, web designers, freelancers and investors. The goal is to enable all of these various groups to join resources to create new, online businesses. Cofoundr is a private network, and so you must register before you are able to view people’s profiles. The requirements for membership into the Cofoundr social network include having a valid work or college email. This prevents younger persons from entering. The way you get started is that you create a profile and then post your business idea up on a bulletin board for discussion. You can also browse through other people’s ideas to see if you might be interested in joining someone else’s project.

9. Biznik

Biznik is similar to LinkedIn in function, to the point where some might be tempted to call it a clone. But Biznik brands itself as a business network that “doesn’t suck”. It is composed of freelancers and business owners. Biznik editors review all profiles to make sure that you are providing your real name and real background information. Basic membership is free. Membership fees start at $10 per month for an enhanced, active profile and go up to $24 per month for increased visibility.

10. Perfect Business

This is one of the best networking sites for serious entrepreneurs looking to find industry experts and investors to partner with. Perfect Business is very good place to find partners and advisers. The site itself is partnered up with the likes of Virgin Money and Entrepreneur Media. It provides members with an extensive video center where you can learn about various tricks of the trade from successful entrepreneurs. Basic membership is free. “Gold Membership” goes for $29.99 per month.

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