Top 11 Marketing Taglines of 2008

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This year’s marketing tag lines have been incredibly catchy. From political campaigns to electrical devices, marketing campaigns and hot shot advertising agencies seem to be wittier than year’s past. Here are the Top 11 Marketing Taglines:

  1. Change we need – Barack Obama 2008 political campaign. These three simple words were embedded into the mind’s of voters via bumper stickers, commercials, marketing tools and instilled in his public speeches.
  2. Can you hear me now?…Good – Verizon Wireless. A common saying for most cell phone users, the tagline correlates with this booming phone provider.
  3. Wii would like to play – Nintendo Wii. The quirky characters in the television commercials help to reiterate the fun to be had with this gaming system.
  4. Five dollar foot long — Subway. The tag line has kept us singing the message throughout the day and has become an effective marketing tool to attract customers looking for an affordable meal.
  5. What’s in your wallet? – Capital One. A simple question that has attracted many new customers looking for an extra credit line.
  6. What happens here, stays here – Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. The saying is already popular with those visiting the area and Las Vegas continues to be a popular destination for those looking for guilt-free vacations.
  7. Are you in good hands? – Allstate. With their dramatic and eye-opening television commercials, the tag line brings home the idea of the importance of full coverage auto insurance.
  8. Easy, breezy, beautiful Covergirl – Covergirl makeup. The makeup manufacturers use models from all backgrounds and continues to be a popular choice for women looking for a fresh and breezy look.
  9. Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined – Hooters. Known for their wings and peculiar work attire, Hooter’s offers casual dining in an even more casual atmosphere.
  10. Foster’s. Australian for beer. – Foster’s. With an extremely simple commercial and tag line, American’s love the accent and the beverage.
  11. It gives you wings — Redbull. Redbull continues to be one of the top selling energy drinks in the country and continues to draw up the best animated commercials. And yes, it gives you wings.

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How to Create your own effective Tagline?

As a small business owner looking to increase the number of consumers who recognize your brand and products through your online marketing business, you have probably thought about working with an advertising agency to create your own campaign. And after intensive consideration, you have then found out that these services don’t work within your budget. With some creativity and clever plays on words, you can create your own effective tagline to work with your business.

Figure out what you want to communicate with your tagline and who your target audience is. You have probably brainstormed a few selling propositions or services that you set you apart from your competitors. Keep a running list of these ideas and concepts and see how they correlate with your list of potential tag lines. Next, study your target audience and think about how this audience will benefit from your product or service. Create a sense of a call to action and activate your potential customers to learn more about your company. Evoke feelings, either comedic or more profound, within your audience members and let them know why they should seek you instead of your competitors. You may also want to look into pay per click services to best attract your target audience, so speak to a specialist about your options.

Brainstorm and start doing research. You will want to look at other effective advertising campaigns and product brands and try and see why they were so effective in attracting new customers. Look in categories like your own and also those industries that have no similarity for tag line ideas. Look at the words they use and see how you can incorporate those ideas with your own. You might come across a brilliant tag line idea while looking at other successful ones. Look around your own environment for examples: anywhere where you can find advertisements, clever packaging, or logos that attract an ideal set of targeted individuals. Conduct a brainstorming session with your friends, family and those familiar with your business to feed off other ideas for your campaign.

Take a look at your competitors’ taglines. By looking at your competitors taglines, you will know what works and doesn’t work when it comes to creating a brand. If you find a clever brand that attracts interest within yourself, try rearranging words or use your own words to create a similar idea. However, don’t ever make a tagline too similar to those already established, as potential clients might find you to be an unreliable company. Use a thesaurus or specialized dictionary for alternative words to the ordinary. Check out their website, if applicable, to see what certain keywords they use to increase their online visibility. If your budget allows for it, look into SEO services to optimize your website.

Gather your thoughts and decide on a tagline. Go through all of your ideas and look for the best potential taglines. Ask your peers about what tagline makes creates an impact on them and keep a tally of the results. You may want to contact a marketing specialist for their expertise and thoughts on the taglines you narrowed down.

4 thoughts on “Top 11 Marketing Taglines of 2008

  1. avatarchris

    too bad over half of these have been around way before 2008. e.g. 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

    what about apple. i’m a mac and i’m a pc, for example. that started in 2008. 7 of your 10 have been around since 2007 at the min.

    please research articles more than watching tv one night.

  2. avatarchris

    I mean seriously. I have T Shirts from elementary school that have the hooters tagline. def. over 15 years old. a 3 second search on google shows results from 05 with easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl, the redbull tagline is def from red bulls infancy.

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